1. awesome  

    very happy to see this!

  2. superb  

    superb, columbia protests accomplish something for once?

    • fhn  

      uhh lets be realistic...our protests didnt inspire this at all. if you read the article, the students did this last month as well. all they said is theyd like to ask him questions too...i dont think we affected anything

  3. Wag  

    In other news: shame that the Yankees lost. In such anticlimactic fashion, I mean: anything but blowing a big lead to the Sox in the top of the 9th in game seven would have been a little bit of a letdown. How long is it before Steinbrenner gets his head out of his considerable ass and realizes that blowing a wad of cash on a pitching staff consisting exclusively of Wes Anderson-style has-beens is just about the only way to get raped in the ALDS while outspending your nearest rivals by over $50 million?

    • or um

      this was obviously a rebuilding year once our entire staff went down at the beginning of the year and we should be thankful that the unexpected play of joba and kennedy along with hughes even got us here.

      I'm not that angry (except at the tool clemens), but all in all the yanks are set up well for next year.

      Cross off clemens contract---bring joba in as a starter--you now have Wang-Pettite-Hughes-Joba-Kennedy-(Pavano/Clippard/Wright/Igawa)

      Getting bullpen help is cheaper, more reliable and easier

      The real question is whether they resign AROD, how long a contract they give to Posada/Mo and who their new manager will be

      Either way, please God smite the sawx and their team from their playoffs as their arrogant masshole fans will be insufferable w/any more wins

    • also

      i am now drinking hard liquor on a monday night

  4. Columbia Man  

    No US media outlet would ever report this, because they're too busy portraying Iran as an oppressed regime.

  5. Wag  

    Impressive analysis, #6. I also hate Massholes and find Yankee fans fun and exciting for their passion. Watching the Yankees go down harder than a ninety year-old lady with a broken hip just fills me with a glorious schadenfreude that can't and shouldn't be intellectualized. I mean, at least someone should be happy about it right?

    • i'm a reasonable

      if passionate fan (well i like to think)

      i can completely understand why people hate the yanks--i obviously don't agree with them and i think that it discounts a lot of the yanks positives--but this is probably a time for 75%+ of all baseball fans to be happy

      Just remember, masshole fans are just as bad but don't have the winning or Columbia connection (Gehrig) to redeem them

      especially in NY though, i think most of the people tomorrow who'll be a little depressed are probably true fans

      • ARR  

        Twenty-nine championships. That's why we hate you. Some teams, including the one I root for haven't won a single title (hell, the team I root for has never even played in a World Series). And that might be because rich, powerful and storied teams like the Yankees have so cornered the market on talent and greatness in general that they've been able to win about a quarter of the World Series that have ever been played.

        • i could have

          sworn it was 26 champs (i don't know anything about the highlanders).

          And rooting against the dynasty is a completely valid reason for hating a team. I still hate the bulls even though I like a lot of their individual players and still can't stand the cowboys because of their 90's dynasties (and whipping of my ny teams).

          In fact, its one of the most legitimate sports reasons for hating the yanks. Baseball needs the yanks though--look at football nowadays---bears and chargers fans are sitting around going wtf? while everyone from the texans to others can wipe out bad management decisions because of the cap and no team can retain their star players who're basically the identity of the city anymore. Parity's taken away the soul of the league and has left a steroid filled theatric production.

          As a yanks fan, hate comes with the territory--but its more than worth it to be able to go to monument park or be able to one day tell your kids about jeter/posada/Mo/dimaggio/ruth/jackson/mantle/maris/berra/mattingly/etc

        • The Dink  

          Wait a second...FOOTBALL is the "steroid filled theatric production"? FOOTBALL teams can't retain their star players? Keep dreaming, buddy. Just look at the Red Sox after their world series, the Marlins after theirs, etc. The only reason A-Rod, like any Yankee, stays, is because they get paid like nobody's business. The lack of a salary cap and the egregious inequality of baseball, plus the fact that the players' union has created a league full of empowered rich bitches, has made baseball, as a league, far inferior to football. Who's football's biggest diva? Brady? Leinart? Owens? None of these guys compare to the soullessness of Bonds and other douchebags high on cash who tarnished a sport for a decade.

          wow, that was quite a rant.

          go bears!

          • uh yeah

            baseball is the only sport where a team like kansas city can keep mike sweeney, the twins mauer, the marlins hanley, the dbacks gonzales, etc

            by the way the red sox kept manny, ortiz, schilling, tek, etc--losing pedro, nixon and some other aging, bound to command overpriced contracts was a strategic decision characteristic of sox management

            on the other hand you have guys like armstead/bailey/edge/etc in the nfl not able to stay with teams where they're established

            yeah the yankees sign a lot of big stars, but they mainly use their money to retain their high priced stars - jeter/posada/mo/the bevy of young guys coming up

            i don't have an arguemnt w/you regarding the players union, but it seems like basketball has the best solution- a soft cap which is highly taxed as opposed to baseball's revenue sharing luxury tax or football's stifling hard cap

            As for footballs biggest diva---strahan's my boy but he spent the entire training cribbing after realizing he was only getting 4 mill cause he frontloaded his contract (which was because nfl teams started to backload contracts and then cut mainstay players)...

            and as for jerks, i'll take bonds/canseco/urbina vs ray lewis/the bengals/merrimen-harrison-the entire nfc champ panthers of a couple years ago any day

            the steroid scandal in football is probably the worst of any sport and of any production not named wrestling, but until goddell nobody had the stones to even touch it even though magazines were running repeated stories of testicle shrinkage of nfl players

  6. Pwned  

    ' "Why only Columbia? We have questions too," read banners brandished by the students at Tehran University.'

  7. iran...  

    iran so far away

  8. hmm

    didn't all you people get the memo that this post (and school in general) was about protesting and not sports? at least be quasi-relevant and discuss the women-are-barred-from-iranian-soccer-stadium- movie "offside".

    • you'd notice

      that we live in new york if you ever chose to venture outside the columbia gates (besides the weekly gropefest at 1020, drunken slice at knets or monthly protest you head too)

      • i have noticed..  

        that we live in new york. that is exactly why i don't waste my life away watching sports on television. especially boring ass sports like baseball and football... give me a break!

  9. i think

    iran should get nukes. then, like with the soviets, we can stop shitting our pants worrying about them getting nukes.

  10. You know

    You know it smelled in the square

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