1. jesus fucking christ  

    ah no way. anyone have any idea why he was here?

  2. is he  

    here for family weekend . . .

    (under personal life) Lorraine Nicholson (born 1990)


  3. I saw...  

    He was getting a tour from someone earlier outside of Lerner with what looked like his wife and daughter. I didn't know he was married, so maybe I'm wrong, but when I saw him he was humming to himself. His hair is cool.

  4. can she  

    please come here?!! she is extremely beautiful

  5. Jack's Smile  

    She has his smile! Except, bizarrely, it's not creepy at all and actually quite sweet.

  6. also  

    apparently the widow of Hunter S. Thompson goes to school here. Segun CNN, she is a 35-year old member of GS who is getting a degree in American Studies.

  7. old news

    we all knew that-- get with it

  8. raspy  

    his daughter is HOT

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