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After an exciting week of Decolonization, celebrity sightings and little children, only CCSC could return the student body to normalcy.  No resolutions (or revolutions) tonight, but, for the first time ever, CTV taped the weekly updates.

MichelleThe meeting opened with CCSC’s beverage-related homecoming escapades.  Once the meeting was called to order and the cameras began rolling, the council presidents were suddenly much peppier and more dapper.  George Krebs, in particular, was extremely excited about the possibility of bringing the Big Apple Circus to Columbia.  Unfortunately, the sophomore class trip to Montreal was cancelled.  The seniors will still be taking a trip down to the Brooklyn Brewery.

When the cameras left, however, the council returned to their casual, informal state where they discussed the campus’s most pressing issues including the recent bias incidents, the annual tree lighting and whether to switch all eggs used on campus to cage-free.  While CCSC did not come to a consensus on how to express solidarity against the recent hate crimes, Sue Yang has planned an elaborate holiday celebration that could include candy canes with personalized notes, Michelle Diamond dressed up as Santa Claus (pictured at her Macy’s gig from last year), caroling and jingle bells. 

The most controversial discussion, however, whether they should to increase the dining budget by 0.4% (financed by an increase in upperclassmen meal plans by $8-10 per year) in order to make more humane meals.  The meeting adjourned when freshman rep Sean Udell pointed out that none of the members were chicken farmers and they would get representatives of more informed groups to better understand the issue. 


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  1. observer

    I contend that the most controversial discussion of the CCSC meeting was actually solidifying the role we should take on the recent hate crimes on campus in terms of working with other groups, administration, and oncampus programming...especially going along in line with the recent Community Principles Initiative many of CCSC members are working on.

    The "humane food" debate was really mostly entertaining. Although nevertheless a serious issue whether or not to make the eggs of campus dining come from cage free chickens for a higher price, we were all generally supportive of the decision to move in that direction from the very beginning.

    Just clearing that up in terms of what the CCSC's meeting priorities were.

  2. What?  

    did you mean an increase in PRICE of upperclassmen meal plans?

  3. wait

    I thought by "humane", they meant "better" meals. I don't give a fuck if the meals are "inhumane" if they're cheap. However, i would be willing to pay more for better food.

  4. sue yang  

    is such a phony. I used to be friends with her until I realized just how flaky/fake she was/is.

  5. the truth  

    i love how sue is the one who has planned the party. glad the sophomores voted for her for president...i mean vp

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