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The arrival of Pinkberry is imminent, so Bwog took to the fourth floor of Lerner to find out how Columbia’s most convenient froyo chain is handling the news.

Bwog: Hey, can I ask you a question.

Elizabeth, Tasti employee: Sure.

Bwog: What do you think about the fact that Pinkberry is opening down the street?

Elizabeth: (silence)

Bwog: It’s another frozen yogurt chain. It’s opening a few blocks away.

Elizabeth: Oh, um. Nothing.

Bwog: You feel nothing?

Elizabeth: I guess. I don’t know.

Bwog: So Tasti is not doing anything in the way of special offers or lower prices or advertising to reach out to hypothetical Pinkberry-converts?

Elizabeth: Guess not.

Bwog: Hi, do you guys eat regularly at Tasti?

Alli and Jenny, first years: Yeah.

Bwog: Cool, so what do you think is going to change now that Pinkberry is coming?

Alli: I’ve never had it, but I’ve heard it had all that weird stuff it in.

Bwog: What kind of weird stuff?

Alli: I don’t know, like weird animals.

Bwog: Pinkberry has weird animals in it?

Alli: That’s what I heard.

Jenny: We’ll probably try it once.

Bwog: So how do you feel about the arrival of Pinkberry?

Jess, Tasti addict and CC junior: Oh, that’s funny. The woman who works at Tasti [Elizabeth] just asked me what Pinkberry was because you asked her questions. She thought it was in the building. I told her it was like Tasti but colder and more sour.

Bwog: Wow, Pinkberry really needs to do some better advertising, half the people I spoke with don’t even know it’s coming or what it is.

Jess: Yeah. My loyalty is with Tasti. Tasti til I die. I’m not paying for this, you can’t beat that.

Bwog: Oh, Flex.

Jess: Right. And the convenience. I’ll probably have Pinkberry once a week but Tasti like, twice a day. The Fruit Loops [cereal] you can put into Pinkberry, that’s cool.

Bwog: Yeah, and the Captain Crunch.

Jess: Tasti has a huge following. And we’re all still pretending that Tasti doesn’t have any calories.

Bwog: Oh, it really does have a lot.

Jess: Yeah, I know.

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  1. first!  

    pinkberry beats the shit out of every other frozen yogurt. tasti tastes like it is made out of radioactive waste.

  2. Emily Haines

    Pinnacle has better (and cheaper) frozen yogurt than Tasti. They serve Colombo and it's quite good.

  3. a fan of air  

    why should i pay for tasti when i can have the taste of "nothing" for free.


    Cap'n Crunch!!!

  5. Commentary

    "Bwog: What do you think about the fact that Pinkberry is opening down the street?
    Elizabeth: (silence)"

    Bwog.net, dashing the hopes and dreams of Tasti employees everywhere by bringing up what they were trying desperately not to think about.

    "I'll probably have Pinkberry once a week but Tasti like, twice a day."

    Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be until this girl is discovered dead of toxic-waste poisoning in her suite?

  6. how  

    how imminent is the opening of pinkberry? i have been waiting for months... does anyone know?

  7. WOW  

    these convos are EXHILARATING.

  8. why  

    would a service employee care about Pinkberry... is Tasti really going to get employee loyalty from someone hired for a couple of dollars an hour to stand behind a cash register and watch frozen yogurt gurgle out of a large machine?

    c'mon, Bwog, think!

    maybe talk to the managers?

  9. silly  

    this post was not necessary or funny.

    (pinkberry all the way)

  10. idiots  

    pinkberry is made of weird animals?? ahahahah

  11. The Dink  

    no, neither tasti not pinkberry beat any sort of shit out of any other frozen yogurt. TCBY, my ignorant colleagues, TCBY.

  12. how  

    can columbia's most "convenient" fro yo chain be located in lerner?

  13. twf  

    a) why do ppl care what Kim's employees have to say? you don't rent videos for the approval of others, do you? oh wait...

    b) isn't it bad to pretend you're not paying for stuff when using flex because you're actually using your parents' money? that seems kind of sketchy?



  15. They're all bad  

    The people who are frothing at the mouth about Pinkberry are either from Southern California or wish they were. In either case, their opinion is worthless. If I want frozen desserts, I'm sticking with ice cream. None of this hip, alternative nonsense.

  16. ewwww  

    pinkberry is not kosher, ergo it has animals in it. ew.

  17. YES  

    YES! TCBY is the country's best yogurt for a reason.

  18. tasti

    tasti isn't froyo. it's actually ice milk, essentially. whereas froyo is made from yogurt and ice cream from cream, tasti is from milk. that's why it tastes so shitty - just like the fake ice cream i made in a plastic ziploc bag in my hs chem class (also ice milk).

  19. can someone  

    please explain what the geometer is so i can enjoy what is most definitely a bwoglarious joke...please?

  20. myberry

    i've never had pinkberry while in california but they just opened a myberry in paris (the french equivalent) and it's quite amazing. i'd rank it up there with amorino, the biggest (and tastiest) gelatto chain in the city...

  21. bah  

    1) go to the supermarket

    2) buy fage greek yogurt

    3) buy something to dump in it

    4) stir

    5) wow! real yogurt! cheaper, tastier and a real list of ingredients.

  22. good  

    This was a good post. "Tasti till I die." actually made me laugh quite a bit somehow. Thanks Bwog.

  23. alternative  

    if you like pinkberry you should try bloomingdales froyo
    it has the same plain, sour taste

  24. waiting is over  

    it finally opened...ahead of time!
    go get that 5+ dollar froyo

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