The arrival of Pinkberry is imminent, so Bwog took to the fourth floor of Lerner to find out how Columbia’s most convenient froyo chain is handling the news.

Bwog: Hey, can I ask you a question.

Elizabeth, Tasti employee: Sure.

Bwog: What do you think about the fact that Pinkberry is opening down the street?

Elizabeth: (silence)

Bwog: It’s another frozen yogurt chain. It’s opening a few blocks away.

Elizabeth: Oh, um. Nothing.

Bwog: You feel nothing?

Elizabeth: I guess. I don’t know.

Bwog: So Tasti is not doing anything in the way of special offers or lower prices or advertising to reach out to hypothetical Pinkberry-converts?

Elizabeth: Guess not.

Bwog: Hi, do you guys eat regularly at Tasti?

Alli and Jenny, first years: Yeah.

Bwog: Cool, so what do you think is going to change now that Pinkberry is coming?

Alli: I’ve never had it, but I’ve heard it had all that weird stuff it in.

Bwog: What kind of weird stuff?

Alli: I don’t know, like weird animals.

Bwog: Pinkberry has weird animals in it?

Alli: That’s what I heard.

Jenny: We’ll probably try it once.

Bwog: So how do you feel about the arrival of Pinkberry?

Jess, Tasti addict and CC junior: Oh, that’s funny. The woman who works at Tasti [Elizabeth] just asked me what Pinkberry was because you asked her questions. She thought it was in the building. I told her it was like Tasti but colder and more sour.

Bwog: Wow, Pinkberry really needs to do some better advertising, half the people I spoke with don’t even know it’s coming or what it is.

Jess: Yeah. My loyalty is with Tasti. Tasti til I die. I’m not paying for this, you can’t beat that.

Bwog: Oh, Flex.

Jess: Right. And the convenience. I’ll probably have Pinkberry once a week but Tasti like, twice a day. The Fruit Loops [cereal] you can put into Pinkberry, that’s cool.

Bwog: Yeah, and the Captain Crunch.

Jess: Tasti has a huge following. And we’re all still pretending that Tasti doesn’t have any calories.

Bwog: Oh, it really does have a lot.

Jess: Yeah, I know.