A Special Offer from the Folks at Dining Services

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Students who log on to the Dining Services website to complete a quality-assurance survey are in for a special treat. Columbia is going to donate ten cents to the charity of your choice!

Ten cents?! You might think. That’s vaguely offensive and pathetic! But wait! You can take the survey as many times as you want. So that’s like, an entire dollar to charity for completing a quality-assurance survey ten times.

Columbia: forerunners in philanthropy and accuracy.


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  1. 10 cents  

    YAY!!! So if 4000 surveys are completed, $400 is disbursed to various different charities! So, roughly, if 10 charities get equal amounts, that means $40 for each of them! OH THY GENEROSITY HAS NO BOUNDS, DINING!

  2. so,  

    i just completed one survey. i doubt the above complaining asshole has done the same.

    it takes two minutes: probably the same amount of time you spent constructing your sarcastic comment.

  3. a no-no  

    If this were ONTD, you'd be beheaded.

  4. miser  

    it would have been cheaper to offer an iPod to one lucky winner than give all this money to charity. stop wasting money!

  5. ttan

    I wonder how it will take someone to write a Perl script to auto-take the surveys...

  6. wouldn't it  

    be more fun to just give the money to the students - hello red bull!

  7. hmmm  

    ai project due tomorrow, but if I get done early i'm on it.

  8. how about  

    i skip the surveys and fork over an extra dollar whenever i buy my next sandwich?

  9. Anonymous  

    There should be an option to round up to the nearest dollar every time you purchase something with Dining Dollars or Flex and then have the difference between that and the actual price go towards a charity, similar to Bank of America's "Keep the Change" program.

    For example, with this in place, I can buy a drink that costs $1.67 and pay $2, and the $0.33 extra will be set aside for, say, Microfinance in Uganda (thanks Natalie Portman).

    [patiently awaits for cynics to poke holes in his rough proposal]

    • well

      we could do the same thing, except the spare change gets donated to the endowment.

      then when you're a senior, you won't have to donate to the senior fund, and every class can claim to have 100% participation.

    • the king of buttes

      BoA typically charges a significant maintenance fee on savings accounts, too. Unless you have a ton of money squirreled away in a low-interest savings account, it might not be worth it. (And if you did have the money to squirrel, why not invest it in something that has a nominally higher rate of return than a savings account?)

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