1. that  

    This is blatantly anti-semitic. Why do people think that they can hide their anti-semitism in politics.

    Not to make any generalizations, but Goddamn ISO, what is wrong with you people.

  2. what?  

    ISO? ...

    What about hiding politics in accusations of anti-semitism?

  3. if you're not  

    gonna touch this one, why even post this one? weak, bwog, weak.

  4. confused

    i don't even think it's jews that are perpetuating anti-islam, "islamo-faschist" horsecrap. it's not the jews, it's us, the americans.

    • yeah.

      just keep on being intellectually dishonest and claiming the term islamo-fascist necessitates islamophobia

      meanwhile ignore what would be a considered a hate crime on this poster that #3 would have a fit about if it was anti black/hispanic/lgbt/anything but jewish/christian


  5. Savonarola  

    that guy's a christian right?

  6. umteenth time

    I hate having to repeat this, but here it goes again. There's nothing "anti-Islamic" or bigoted about exposing the dangers of radical Islam. Unless, of course, you equate Islam with radical Islam. The horsecrap is yours. Please clean it up.

  7. In fact,

    I think it's actually quite offensive to decent Muslims everywhere to suggest that they should feel offended by a campaign against Islamic terrorism and terror-state repression.

  8. Orwell

    Incidentally, did anyone catch those Orwell-themed ISO posters? "War=Peace, Anti-Fascists=Fascists, etc..." Self-proclaimed "socialists" so fail to understand the message of Orwell that it would be funny if it weren't so sad.

  9. um,  

    anti-zionism is not anti-semitism.

  10. Throw the Jew  

    down the well! So my country can be free!
    You must grab him by his horns,
    And then we have a big party.

  11. borat  

    solves all world issues. i only wish that were true.

  12. Same graffitist?

    I somehow wouldn't be surprised if the graffitist is the same visionary behind this little number last semester:


    Assuming it's the same person, I'm not impressed that the graffitist hasn't really matured in his/her commentary. Wow, a leftist blanket statement on a College Republicans' flyer? Now that's daring.

  13. i actually  

    kind of like this. people are getting pissed off at jews and socialists for everything, just like the good old days. fuck all y'all!

  14. here we go again  

    since when is it anti-semitic to point out a racial double standard? the college republicans have no problem when david horowitz (who was jewish last time i checked) "ties islam to fascism," so why shouldn't they be ridiculed for saying they have a problem with ahmedinejad "tying islam to fascism"? horowitz supporters see anti-semitism around every corner. this is provocative, sure, but to call it anti-semitic is to ignore its obvious sarcasm and willingly put aside the fact that the college republicans are talking out their ass on this one: they love it when ahmedinejad evokes the image of fascism in the west, because each time he does it we're that much closer to the senseless war they crave. the only allegation being made here is against the college republicans: if you think otherwise it says more about your own preconceptions than it does about whoever defaced this flyer.

    • fail. utter fail.

      there's obviously a disconnect for you here

      Horowitz purportedly is pointing out the subset of those who are islamic who engage in fascist methods to promote teh religion

      Mahmoud is allegedly actively using those facist techniques under the guise of islam

      The person who wrote on the poster also could have chosen the word Horowitz (though it would be nonsensical just as your arguement was) but instead chose 'Jew'

    • by the way

      extra troll points for claiming 'we're (because your views are always the majority) closer to the senseless war they advocate' while not mentioning why its senseless, explaining that 'islamofascism' certainly isn't the only or even most important factor with a possible war with iran, and ignoring the fact that war with the US is probably one of teh last things that ahmadinejad wants to provoke anyway

  15. Whew!

    It would take so much time to sift through your specious arguments and self-contradictions that I'm not even going to try, unless I can't find anything better to do. Good night.

  16. Apologies

    Sorry. That was in response to #23.

  17. By the way,

    Horovitz is not trying to defame a "race" (or religion, to be more precise). It was the vandal who needlessly and insultingly invoked the issue of race. You, and that anonymous individual, apparently can't stop seeing this through the same narrow prism.

  18. the controversy

    The whole "controversy" over this speakers series is a very pathetic reflection of the inability of those in our community to objectively observe the outside world.

  19. Sprinkles

    The Hillel put out a statement saying it is not affiliated with Horowitz or this entire shame of an awareness week. FFS, most Jews I met are more knowledgable and sympathetic about Islam than the Christians are.

  20. invisible_hand

    oh fuck me.
    the whole reason the PJA published our piece and petitioned hillel is that we knew something like this would happen.
    horowitz does NOT speak in the voice of the jewish community, and his hate and lies help noone and further division and strife.

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