Sustainability Fails to Develop

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Wednesday, sustainability day was going to be “dedicated to encouraging and promoting Columbia’s recent environmental stewardship initiatives and pressuring them to do even more,” complete with such accoutrements as a mountain of trash, a PrezBo speech, and giant displays. Unfortunately, it rained. Sustainability day will be rescheduled!

Well, the rain didn’t stop Columbia’s sustainability report card from coming in. Despite its best efforts, Columbia failed to improve, staying at the “B” grade it received last year. It was, however, easily in the top third of the 200 schools graded by the sustainable endowments institute. Most of the other Ivies did better, with Dartmouth and Harvard coming in as “Overall Sustainability Leaders” and Yale racking up a “Campus Sustainability Leader”‘ recognition. Only Princeton, with a B-, did worse. To be fair, New York City seems like a tough place to be sustainable: after Columbia, the next best Big Apple school was NYU with a C+. Schools were graded in a variety of categories, including food, transportation, and investments. Food and Recycling was the easiest class, with 29% of the students making an A. Endowment Transparency, on the other hand, seemed to be a tough cookie, as only 4% of schools got the “A” grade.

 Ivy grades
 NYC grades

Dartmouth A-                                            

Harvard    A-                                             

Brown   B+                                               

Yale  B+                                                 

Columbia  B                                             

Cornell     B

Penn        B

Princeton B-

Columbia     B

NYU           C+

Rockefeller  C

Yeshiva       C-

Fordham     D


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  1. The Dink  

    interesting that NYU got a C+, considering that they, unlike Columbia, run entirely on wind power. To get Columbia to use wind power...check out SEEJ here: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/seej/WPN.html

  2. Shows

    Shows what a crock of shit it is. In other news, Columbia and NYU are in New York City, making attempts at evironmentalism rather pointless, plus, don't sprawling campus fuck up the environment a lot more than urban ones?

  3. EAL  

    At least we're better than the wastrels at Princeton.

  4. Columbiatch  

    The students at Princeton ARE pollution.

  5. Give  

    Princeton a break, they can't help it: they're in NJ.

  6. Fair Princeton

    It's the Harvard of New Jersey!

  7. Princeton -  

    The deodorant of America's armpit. (I think this is a Band line.)

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