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There are various trailers lined up along Claremont avenue and a movie set on 118th and Riverside. When Bwog went digging, we learned that it was for a movie called Push starring Star Jones, Monique, and Paula Patton (?). There is very little information available on IMDB on Push, guess it’s still in the early stages.

Unfortunately, “no one you’d know” was on set, but Bwog did manage to snap a few pictures.

The names on the trailers read “Lucy,” “Desi,” and the other trailer had “Precious.” 

Not a real MTA bus! 

Soon-to-be-famous garbage cans! 

Here we have the director’s daughter on the left and the executive producer’s daughter on the right. Bwog managed to ask one question before the executive producer popped her head out of her trailer and shooed Bwog away with her scathing stare. But if you are wondering, the two girls are in the movie, but the puppy may or may not be.

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  1. dude  

    I wish you had seen Monique, that bitch is FABULOUS

  2. fyi  

    once law & order filmed in my neighborhood, and i asked which characters "lucy" and "desi" were, and an extra told me they were nicknames for the men's and women's toilets.

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