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A Barnard source just confirmed the troubling lice epidemic currently plaguing the 8th floor of Sulzberger hall in the Barnard Quad. Apparently, one first-year had lice and the little bugs quickly migrated into the heads of several other first-year students. Says Steve Tollman, associate director of Res Life at BC:

“Recently, there have been several cases of students with head lice

within the Quad.  It’s important to use caution when sharing

clothing, brushes and bedding like pillows and sheets, as this is the

most common way that head lice is spread.  Please know that this is

easily treatable.  Any student that believes she has head lice or has

been exposed to head lice is encouraged to visit Health Services for

evaluation and treatment.”

Ew, gross me out royal.


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  1. !!!!!!!

    Even more of a reason to stay away from Barnard head.

  2. boomboom  

    lice at barnard + a drunken (or sober) night or two = lice everywhere

  3. WOOT!  


  4. Piggly Wiggly  


  5. bedbug  

    barnard lice... very nice! bedbug likes! who is wanting to visit schapiro? i can invitate. she can stay my home!

  6. I'm  

    DEFINITELY too cool to get head from most girls at my school. But, then, I'm in SEAS.
    Actually, thinking again, I regret that joke. It might be kind of cool to get head from someone better at math than me.

    • cc 09  

      Yeah, in general I get my rocks off by being blown by girls who are smarter than I am. Alas, it's rarely math that does the trick. I get blown a lot because of art, although I have fond memories of econ.

  7. Great  

    As if I needed more reasons not to cross Broadway.

    Oh, and

  8. um,  

    art history and history, two of the most respected departments at this school, are completely integrated between columbia and barnard.

    face it: we're getting the same education, cockmunchers.

    • nope  

      as a history major, i can tell you we're not completely integrated, considering I took a barnard history class and my advisor refuses to recognize it as counting towards my major


      & HISTORY. Bahaha that's the best you could come up with? Those majors scream "if you are a dumbass, pick me", so I'm not surprised Barnard and Columbia collaborate there.
      (Not that all history majors are dumbasses though)

  9. also nope  

    i refuse to take a barnard course in history or anything for that matter.

    the barnard girl in my history of france class is FUCKING ANNOYING. granted, fucking annoying people go to columbia, but in the history department, at least they sound intelligent. the second she opened her voice, i knew she was barnard. promise. we can tell.

    • that is  

      bad form, moron. surely you've learned the merits of deductive reasoning by now?

    • true  

      it was a big mistake taking a barnard history class. the discipline leads itself to a lot of bullshitting in section, so after I few weeks of getting fed up of hearing the girls talk incessantly about nothing, i just stopped showing up. the only reason to do it is for the much easier grade through much easier competition

  10. hmmm  

    inductive reasoning is predicated on deductive reasoning.

    fuck arod for disrespecting the world series with his little opt-out cop-out.

  11. I knew it

    Barnard has cooties!

  12. also

    oh man, can you imagine being the first-year who started the whole thing? It would be horrible to be remembered throughout college as 'the headlice girl'

  13. any south park fans?  

    it's all of them.

    just quarantine the whole bunch.
    relocate to arkansas.

  14. ...  

    ...and the Barnard bashing continues. Because bedbugs at Columbia don't signify anything about the students' intelligence, but any piece about Barnard necessarily devolves into an "us v. them" contest. Face it- we all take the same classes, and (gasp) all Barnard students aren't blithering idiots. They might even be doing damn well in your high and mighty Columbia classes. At least this one is.

  15. oh god  

    where is the love.

    barnard wouldn't be so bashed if the students actually took pride in their own school instead of trying to be a part of a different one. there's nothing wrong with your own school, but we definitely don't take the same classes and its not the same. by trying to say its the same as a different one you just make it look like you yourself are admitting its not all that good. barnard is a great school, stop being the ones to push it down.

  16. this is not  

    a matter of who is greater (obvs columbia is) but who is nastier and well barnard, you've won that title for now. make your nasty girls more hygenic and have them stop walking around naked in their hallways that is just way too gross no one wants to see that

  17. actually guys  

    Columbia guys and gals have shown themselves to be a whole lot nastier in this comment section. sorry...

  18. reply to: all  


  19. Ha! Ha!  

    Wait, I misread that. What I meant to say was, BOOOOIIIIINNNNGG.

  20. head lice?

    This feels like middle school

  21. thanks  

    for the disgusting pictures

  22. Boring  

    Yes. But, strangely enough, this posting has generated far more response than all of the other recent postings. Now what does that say about us?

  23. it says...  

    1. that Columbia students are elitist assholes
    2. that they will always succeed in making Barnard girls feel like shit

  24. The real  

    elitist say nothing because we do not need mere words to express our superiority. Our very presence in your sub-standard vicinity immediately and utterly decimates any sense of self-worth you may have accidentally accumulated during the course of your pointless existence.

  25. Well

    Its pretty pointless if your sense of self-worth derives from the derision of others. That doesn't say very much about your self-confidence, or your perceived worth, for that matter.

  26. Actually...  

    as an ELAC major, Barnard and Columbia are totally integrated. Barnard theses are read and graded by Columbia faculty. It could have a lot to do with the fact that there isn't much of an ELAC department at Barnard, but I just wanted to point that out...

  27. yes.

    Same thing in physics.

  28. lala

    omg...if this is the kinda shit that goes on, im not applying to barnard or columbia

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