But that’s being a bit cynical, now isn’t it? Besides, New York Magazine says that Community Food and Juice, which replaced the vacated Nacho’s Kitchen (sorry, freshies), has delicious seven-grain waffles with “locally sourced seasonal ingredients.” Healthy, seasonal, local–just like a waffle should be. (As an aside: We’d love to trust this description–really we would–but Bwog greets references to “last night’s John Jay party” with the utmost skepticism. Does their juice also help you plow through that CC paper that’s due in a couple weeks? Just as plausible, guys).

Bright and vaguely minimalist, Community has an aesthetic that one of our editors accurately described as “downtown-y.” It officially opens Thursday, but Bwog spotted people there earlier tonight. Check it out?

-ARR, photo by Hillary Busis