A crowd of about 100 people marched from Earl Hall to Teachers College around 11:00 PM tonight in response to the incident earlier today involving a hanging noose found tied to the door of an African American professor. Earlier today, WNBC identified the professor as Madonna G. Constantine, who teaches psychology and education.

Protesters yelled several different chants including “We will not be silent!” and “Bollinger’s house for justice!” at which point about twenty people broke off from the main crowd on the steps and attempted directing the protest towards Broadway. Organizers quickly hurried people back toward the steps.

The chant changed to “Strike if we must!” Bwog asked a Teachers College student (who prefers not to disclose her name) what exactly the strike was supposed to

accomplish. “We will wear all black tomorrow and we are going to walk out of classes. We’re trying to change this racist organization. We’re going to the Town Hall meeting tomorrow.”

The march occurred after 9:00 PM emergency meeting that filled the main auditorium in Earl Hall. At the meeting, students decided to support a rally at 2:00 PM tomorrow at the 120th St. gates. NBC and CBS were there under mountains of black umbrellas and were pulling students under cover for interviews and pull quotes, one reporter furiously Blackberry-ing the entire affair.