Alumni Who Make Bwog Proud, Alumni Who Make Bwog Ashamed errr Let Bwog Down : They’re the Same Person!

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And if you’re a foreign affairs newshound or doing work-study at the Harriman Institute, you’d immediately know that that person is Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, Law ’94 and member of an alleged “‘Columbia Club of Post-Soviet leaders.” While the real Columbia club is still a tenant of our much hated and intellectually sub-standard rivals at Princeton, the fake Eastern European one isn’t taking guff from anybody–especially not from democratic opposition movements.

But Saakashvili’s Columbia education hasn’t gone totally to waste. In a move practically unprecedented in the history of post-Soviet despotism (and feel free to prove us wrong on this one, Area Studies majors), Saakashvili is shrewdly giving in to the protesters’ demands and calling new elections for this coming January. So now he’s both feared and loved, even by some of the same people. Package deal!

For this simultaneously brilliant and reprehensible political maneuvering, Columbia’s own would-be Musharraf is Bwog’s first ever Alumni Who Makes Bwog Both Ashamed Lets Bwog Down and Proud. Congratulations?

EDIT: Right you are, commenter! Looks like Columbia alumni have given us fewer opportunities for scolding, in fact so few that we temporarily forgot the name of our own feature. Good job not letting down, alums!


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  1. title

    was slightly more sonorous when the second half was "alumni who let bwog down".

    anyway, he spent one year at the law school, so allusions to the core, witty or not, are kinda sorta inapt.

  2. coogan

    Irony's hilarious, when it doesn't involve the death and suffering of many people, for example, what's happening now in Pakistan.

    Take a look at this executive producer guffawing as the police takeover an independent T.V. station!

    So Saakashvili makes you proud because he's a despot, but he also makes you "ashamed" because he's a despot?

    Oh, Academia.

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