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HOLY SHIT! Columbia is up 23-21 against The Ohio State University in basketball.

The game is on ESPN right now, so tune in if you want to see what is currently a miracle and will either stay that way or turn into a heartbreak.

Halftime UPDATE: Well, maybe we shouldn’t have posted anything, because the ol’ “Bwog Jinx” seems to have kicked in. Right after this post went up, OSU came up with 12 unanswered points to go up 33-23, although the Lions did retaliate with a 3-point buzzer beater to bring it to 33-26 at the half. For comparison, Duke led by 21 at halftime last year.

Final UPDATE: 68-54 Buckeyes. OSU coach Thad Matta finally figured out how to win a basketball game with a team of much bigger dudes. Meanwhile, Columbia coach Joe Jones figured out how to stay close with a team of much smaller dudes. So who’s the real winner?

According to ESPN Gamecast, it’s still Matta. But at least they have a nifty little chart where you can visually see OSU pull ahead in the second half. – DHI

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  1. Carolinian  

    You know, they might just not be good this year (the Buckeyes).

    • well gee

      losing Oden and Conley Jr. might do that.

      Also, Columbia's playing a decent Zone D. I'm shocked.

    • they're

      definitely not finals caliber but they're probably a good tourney team.

      Also they have some seriously good young player--lighty and butler are both top 100 recruits. Deibler was mr. ohio bball and set scoring records there. Koufos got offered like 5 million to pay in greece and was teh under 18 world champs mvp. They're still playing a heck of a team

      HAHA...they're naming our notable alumni--Gehrig, Garfunkel, FDR all named

  2. nice

    the announcers just gave the alumni rundown. good stuff

  3. ugh

    bad long three taken there. have to tighten up on d and start flexing inside on offense

    how are we in nyc and we still don't have a quick as hell penetrating pg/sg? heck--rice, lincoln, christ the king, st raymonds, mt vernon, boys and girls..lets get one of their pgs

    • because

      we're still Columbia i.e. no "scholarships" and the best basketball recruits go to Penn.

      We're getting outsized and out-athleticed in the paint now.

      Foley's our best PG. Not putting him in worked for about 15 minutes. And he just drops a 3 to end a 14-0 run.

      Let's adjust and move on.

      • oh i agree

        we can't compete athletically at every position. But you can't tell me that in talent rich nyc (particularly with pgs) we can't get the type of kid with quicks good enough to penetrate and break down a d--there's bound to be some intelligent pg from a chsaa school

        agree on foley--we have to continue to move the ball and keep up the zone on d--we can't do anything about koufos, who probably a lottery pick

        • agreed

          The Ivy's have made a shift to a back-court league. Check out Flato at Yale and Cornell's back-court. By contrast the Lions strength is hammering Baumann and Big Ben in the paint. that's not gonna fly against a bigger stronger big10 team.

          we need to tighten the zone up and make them beat us from behind the arch (though Butler is finding his mark now).

          also we're not gonna shoot over 50% from behind the arc. Need to get Baumann some space inside or get Armstrong driving.

          Let's go Blue!

  4. Wildcat  

    They're playing the type of tenacious basketball that smaller players require to beat large opponents on the scale of a human DOZER.

  5. Yung Pedro  

    i called this would be the upset of the year when I saw the Spectator this morning.

  6. alum


    36-34 Buckeyes with 15:40 left.

  7. ugh

    Butler finding a 3 and a turnover with a WIIIIIIDE open loscalzo in the corner. yuck.

  8. damn

    how do our guards keep leaving butler open

  9. no joe

    man to man again? uh oh...

  10. ugh

    game over. we've switched to man. we can't handle their athleticism

    i agree they bumped bova on that but they're gonna get homecooking

    either way, this game is really, really encouraging--no excuses to not step up during ivy season

  11. not so fast

    Nice little sequence here heading into the timeout,

    Ya gotta believe.

  12. final score?

    could someone post it?

    • ummm

      we're still playing...

      Foley stepping in to take a whacking on the charge...

      You know what's also a good sign? We're playing defense without fouling out of our minds. That's always been a weakness on this team. Glad to see a step up.

  13. damn

    There's no one in the ivy league like Kosta Koufos. Thankfully. He's killing us. then again you'd expect that from someone offered a professional contract in europe.

  14. doing real well

    the teams playing real well. Baumann's working down low, getting good passes out. Everybody's hitting shots, playing d. If koufos was 4/5 inches shorter, this'd be a 2/3 pt game coming down the stretch.

    They're going nuts over koufos when all he's doing is using his height advantage--can't coach jones throw crimmins out there just to see what happens?



      Baumann 12 pts 4 reb, Joe Bova with 11 and 4.

      Montgomery added 11 and Foley with 10. Big Ben had a tough night with no points and Niko Scott 0-7 from the field.

      Solid effort all around.

  15. final score

    68-54 ohio state

    real good game by columbia--very encouraging.. i'm excited for the ivy season and who knows maybe they can beat american or scare nova before that

  16. sigh  

    Nice job guys. Get someone who can drive and we might turn a few heads.

  17. asdf  

    that was great. i thoroughly enjoyed that. great game, guys.

    haha they said mack looks like rod strickland.

  18. WOW

    A non-sarcastic sports post on bwog?

    People praising Kulawik on bwog?

    I guess the strikers are making people on this campus realize that there is more to college than bitching and moaning.

  19. wow  

    well done, guys. I hope you play like that for the rest of the year, you'll win Ivies!

  20. fuck

    ohio state!

    i'll say it again.

    michigan is going to rub their face in the dirt this weekend.

    go blue!

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