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Cartoons to Procrastinate To

As midterms draw in and ruin everyone’s lives, Bwog staff writer Gabrielle Kloppers is here with some more procrastination for you. Don’t you wish you could go back to your childhood, before you discovered Contemporary Civilizations readings and Calculus exams? With Bwog’s cartoon playlist, you can. Watch all of Over the Garden Wall. You can […]

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Nobody Asked Tats: Summer L U V Edition

What time is it? SUMMER TIME! As finals end, we know what’s really on your mind — or who. This summer, get up to get down with these handy summer lovin’ tips brought to you courtesy of Tats. Dear Tats, My year has been frigid and now that it’s toasty again, I’m lookin’ for a […]

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See CU on ABC on TV

Bwog received numerous tips today that a film crew from ABC7 was around campus getting footage and conducting interviews about the recent attempted robberies of iPhones. No footage has been posted to the local affiliate’s website yet, but we’re hoping that when it does, we can get sandwich man‘s take on all this. Update, 3:00 […]

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A Note on Alexander Hamilton

He’s an important guy. Here are some things you should know about him: he founded the New York Post; he went to college here, but did not graduate; he is Michael Cera. If you want to learn even more, a biopic on Alexander Hamilton airs tonight at 10 pm on Channel 13. According to the […]

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Follow Your Dreams: Pat Blute Edition

Bwog’s beloved weatherman Pat Blute was on design guru Nate Berkus’ show yesterday! What can’t he do? Updated with comment from Pat: “The reason I was on the show was because I was the STA Travel World Traveler Intern for 2008 – so the episode featured items I bought while on that trip around the […]

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Foner Disapproves!

Eric Foner, Most Famous Professor of All Time and CC ’63, stopped by the Colbert Report last night to talk textbooks and Texas. Mr. Colbert was discussing a recent Texas Schoolboard vote approving a “conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks.” Who better to comment than the author of your AP US History textbook: Sir […]

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Hello, Food Network!

Quick, if you head over to Broadway outside of Ricky’s right now, you’ll not only find our favorite Wafels and Dinges truck, but you may even get onto a Food Network show! Shooting a pilot for a new “Street Eats” show, they’re profiling the man behind the truck right here outside campus. You can even […]

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Glue Yourself to a Screen

  After scribbling the final sentences in your Blue Book today, if you’re too tired for a night on the town, Bwog has a couple of post-midterm couch potato recommendations. Jim Cramer, who made a slight error in a prediction about Bear Sterns last year, has been in a cable TV cat fight with the […]

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Emptier Empti Lounge

Bwog Rectangular Object Specialist Anish Bramhandkar made a shocking discovery earlier today: the TV in the Empti Lounge has disappeared. The nefarious TV bandit left the cords dangling, remarkably similar to the hasty dismantlement of Empti’s former froyo titan. Perhaps this thief is also responsible for the rushed disappearance of Columbia’s endowment.  UPDATE (4:56 PM): […]

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Floridita Episode VI: The Return of NY1

 –Photo via the Harlem Eye After a student protest and subsequent squabbling, the NY1 channel ran its story on the fate of Floridita restaurant, a locally-owned business that the Manhattanville expansion may displace. Both current CC student Andrew Lyubarsky and CU public affairs, who have been battling over the story for the past couple of […]

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Name That Trailer: Law & Order SVU

Bwog editor Anish Bramhandkar notes that Union Theological Seminary is hosting one of TV’s most popular sex crime shows: “There’s a food van/cart there with a sign saying something about serving food to film productions on location, and a bunch of people eating food.  A few of them have nametags that say Law & Order […]

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Know Your Web Series: Drunk History

Bwog’s Internet-based television critic Rob Trump returns with another installment of Know Your Web Series. This week: Drunk History. There are certain things that are perennially hilarious, but by their nature are difficult to focus on for the purposes of fictional comedy.  A prime example: drunk people incoherently telling stories are extremely funny, but drunk […]

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QuickSpec: Inclement Weather Edition

Teachers College to save the Dominican Republic. It’s an art house with an uncertain future. Do you remember CPR from your sixth-grade babysitting course? Turn off your TV for two minutes today — thankfully Gossip Girl airs Mondays. Spec’s rainy day political laundry list.

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Know Your Web Series: Toyboize

It’s TV on the Internet! Brought to you by Web-only television critic Rob Trump. This week: Toyboize. Whether you prefer the British Office or the American version–and I think a case can be made for either–you have to concede one point to the Americans: they’re much better at keeping their actors employed.  While Jenna Fischer […]

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Breaking: Chicken and Rice Cart Innovation

Maven reporter Lydia DePillis contacted Bwog just moments ago with this alarming and amazing tip:  “Chicken and rice stand on 116th–with a tv!”  Any guesses on what the Chef is watching? Josh Brolin on SNL tonight, must-see-TV perhaps?     

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