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The Met puts on fabulous events just for college kids every couple of months. Bwog correspondent Lucy Sun attended last night, snapped a few photos, and had a swimmingly good time.

oceanYoung, warm people formed a ridiculously long line outside the Met tonight for a masked ball in honor of the Met’s new galleries for Oceanic Art and the Art of Native North America. Inside, the lobby was lighted in ocean blue, with music ranging from techno to bongos. The crowd’s dress ranged from “I go to art school” to “I’m going clubbing” to “I’m going to the Prom.”

An announcer begged us to stop crowding the lobby and go look at some art. The new galleries include rooms of intricate masks and delicately whimsical jewelry, all made of gold, as well as deeply organic masks and totems made of shells, hair, and wood.




  1. yay  

    this was so much fun!

  2. Columbia Stuendts  

    are retarded. Learn how to take a fucking bus, I had the unfortunate honor of having to take the same bus to Lasker Rink as most of these kids headed to the Met. It seemed like not one could figure out how to dip a Metrocard. Congrats Columbia, congrats.

    -Fellow Columbia student

    • !!!

      This just in!

      Buses are different in different parts of America! Bus service from Columbia is basically useless, unless you're going to the Met or are terrified of the subway! Nobody ever dips a Metrocard correctly the first time they do it! Chill out!

  3. yay x2

    more pictures please!

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