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The hunger strike is over, and contrary to what we we were told last night, so is the camp-out. Hunger-strikers and volunteers are currently taking down the tents, dismantling the Columbopus’s remaining tentacles, and otherwise preparing to permanently vacate Butler Plaza.

Hunger striker Richard Brown, C ’10 cited a “need to clean up” as one of the reasons for ending the nearly two-week encampment. “We can’t have these out here forever,” he said. “The tents have served their purpose.”

While the tents were a pretty obvious presence on campus, less obvious was what the strikers were keeping inside of them: Bwog spotted about a dozen blankets, a few portable radios, musical instruments, and a cardboard box full of books, including Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, a Penguin collection of English romantic verse, a long essay by Noam Chomsky (with the ever so Chomskyan title of “The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many“), the 33 1/3 for Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over the Sea, and an anthology of poetry read at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

If this was a bittersweet moment for the strikers, none of them were showing it. “The hunger strike is over, but the struggle continues” said striker April Simpson, C’11. Even though the strikers are abandoning their temporary home and base of operations, and potentially (severely) diminishing their visibility on campus, this is about as sentimental as things have gotten out there. Right now, they’re pretty much just cleaning up.


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  1. LOLmarx  

    so does this count as a victory for the bourgeois?

  2. 2 things  

    first rich brown is awesome -- i have a ton of respect for you my friend, in this endeavor and all other things.

    second, i'm going to miss seeing the tents up on the lawn. they were a nice symbol of humanity when i'd come out of butler at 5am, and confront an otherwise desolate campus.

  3. about time  

    those tents were an eyesore... I'm glad they're gone. and I'm glad the self-important strikers are going with them.

  4. i think  

    the waiting list to block that spot on the lawn for hunger strikes will be like 2 years long...haha

  5. Strikers  

    You have accomplished nothing.

  6. Congratulations

    You've earned so much disrespect and disrepute on campus.

    I have no doubt that your self-importance and obsession with oppression, rather than creation, will make you miserable in life.

    Keep fighting.

  7. Fo realz  

    If you did accomplish something substantial, counter-strikers might still respect you, but this is pure shame.

  8. hmm..  

    pretty sure that's April Simpson, not Emily Simpson...

  9. respect

    Since we're on the topic of respect, I have one suggestion for future strikers or protesters of any sort:

    Make sure your leadership does not stoop to the level of making public and misguided, intolerant insults. Let me start by saying that i support at least some of the strike's demands (the ones regarding expansion with respect and a need for better response to hate crimes). Some of the biggest factors that turned me off about this particular strike, however, were the very public and very immature, self-aggrandizing comments made by a number of the hunger strikers (not all, but at least some). I won't mention them by name but I think a fair number of you who have been tracking the strike will know exactly who has been making ignorant, polarizing and hate-mongering comments.

    I understand that many cruel things have also been said about the strikers, and that (as I noticed someone said in an earlier post yesterday) they have been "provoked". I'm truly sorry and appalled that they have had to deal with irrational, spiteful and unjustified comments. However, I feel that as the most public faces and representatives of the strike, and thereby an example for their supporters, they also have the responsibility NOT to lower themselves to the level of people throwing food at the tents, or anonymous commenters saying mean things online. Making dumb statements right back, or publicly belittling opponents in a mocking, derogatory way, does NOTHING to advance your cause. Instead, it only leads to more hatred and more misunderstanding. It lessens your credibility as a campus leader, and also the credibility of your project in the eyes of the student body.

    If you choose to take such a public stance on very controversial issues, you should expect criticism, in both valid and invalid forms. What is important, however, is to keep your cool and set a good example, rather than being arrogant and condescending. If you do not think you maintain a cool front in public even in the face of opposition, do your cause a favor and do not volunteer yourself as a leader. Cede the spotlight to someone who can represent the cause well. After all, if you are going to adopt the tactics of Gandhi and MLK Jr, you might as well adopt the grace and dignity that they also embodied in public.

  10. They'll be back

    Next month or next year wanting to rename Hamilton after a cop killer or Butler after Malcolm X. And we'll be here to tell them to get fucked. This incident has exposed a rift in the student body that has existed for a long time. Activists: time to revise your lazy arguments supported by ad hominem attacks. No one gives a shit if you call them a racist anymore. Your big gun has been silenced and your shit will not be tolerated anymore.

    • Rename SIPA  

      I'm all for renaming SIPA. "The Mike Tyson School of Diplomacy" just works better.

    • invisible_hand

      what, oh Lord, is the purpose of higher, or any, education, if it does not teach us to be civil and compassionate human beings. you, #12, make me ashamed to be a columbian. and before you say that that's what the strikers did to you, at least they never stooped to your level of hateful bile.

  11. ho ho ho

    I see you've commandeered the high ground. Ooooohhh. I should have added to my original post that no one cares if you switch into prudish disapproval mode, either. Your disapproval is entirely predictable and equally irrelevant.

  12. I have never

    seen as much hatred on campus as the strikers have caused and instigated.

  13. why is that title  

    particularly chomskyan?

  14. Sigh

    Talk about flogging a dead horse. On the plus side, a day-long silent protest will give the rest of us a nice break from their self-righteous bullshit.

  15. hmmm

    You know what would be funny...... If all major culture seminars in 25 years will be taught in the mville campus

  16. have you seen  

    el participante?

  17. hooray  

    I'm glad that so much good came out of this whole striker thing. I'm pleased with the outcome and glad that justice prevailed in face of evil. Yo we should turn the candlelight vigils into some sort of a campus organization because man those things were AWESOME

    • what?

      are you on some kind of drugs?

      did you forget, frances, that you already let the bwog know that you were this e-mail address?

      and that you said this: "The most important thing about this is that no side can claim to be 'right' because neither side will ever agree..."

      so if someone disagrees with the methods of the strike, are they "evil" now?

      you've got to calm down and think rationally about this, or no one is going to take the demands seriously, ever, and everyone will be bitter and/or miserable.

  18. i love the way  

    frances jeffrey coker keeps on exposing herself on bwog unintentionally. It's really funny, confirming both her low tactics and also her lack of foresight.

    totally agree with #24 above. One of the biggest, perhaps THE biggest, grievance people have had with the strike is the way people who don't support it are called "evil," as frances just did, even when they have legitimate reasons for doing so.

    i though frances jeffrey coker had acknowledged this yesterday, and me being naive, i hoped she would stop this polarizing, inflammatory rhetoric. But no. She is determined to see it as good versus evil.

    frances, if you read this, please acknowledge over a great many students do not see how "so much good came out this whole striker thing," cease taking the moral highground, admit serious mistakes were made, and above all, stop calling the people who don't support you "evil" when they have very real and as yet unanswered concerns with this whole pitiful saga. You were making good progress on this front yesterday, please try regain that ground and move the debate forward sensibly. If you want to do something constructive, please respond to the questions sent to you numerous most times, most recently in that open letter from Chas Carey et al. posted here:

    if you don't do that, may i suggest you stop posting? It's unfortunate for the hunger strikers (many of whom are not as emotive or as quick to attack as you) that the more you open your mouth, the more you give people reason to oppose the strike.

  19. as a thought...  

    all they accomplished was killing some grass in front of butler.

  20. the coward  

    This is really petty, but I'm bored. So... I'm the hypocrite? Sure, mr./ms. "non-hypocrite." Now which one of us asked someone to expose his/herself but wouldn't do it ourself? (Which makes wonder if you know what the meaning of hypocrisy is. In case not, it can be found here:
    For my part, I merely laughed at the way frances jeffrey coker made such a fool of herself in public.

    And I have good reasons for not exposing myself. Thanks to the terribly tense environment on campus now that has been so efficiently cultivated by this failed hunger strike, I fear that unwarranted ( ad hominem ( attacks will proliferate ( against me.

    Hope you are able to understand this, frances (it is you, right? - judging by your shallow insults and hilarious inability to make sense.)

  21. non-hypocrite  

    wow did you people not realize that the irony was intentional?? WOW guys did you ever consider getting a sense of humor and not taking ANONYMOUS BLOG COMMENTS so SERIOUSLY? i mean, #28 is actually afraid of being "attacked"! HA HA HA!!!
    go outside, geeks.

  22. Frances JeffreyCoker  

    To #28.. no, actually, that wasn't me. Maybe it was one of my friends though. Who knows.

    Whoops I didn't know you could track that. I've never used bwog before this whole striker thing. Oh well.

    I don't really understand how I made a fool of myself, but if thats the case, oh well again. I'd rather be an honest fool than an anonymous fool.

    Has anyone ever taken the skiing PE elective? I need advice.

  23. it gets better  

    It was very deeply ironic, frances, but if it was intentional, what exactly were you intending to achieve? Have you asked that question yet, or were you just desperately coming up with an excuse after that embarrassing post earlier (#27)?

    The only thing your irony achieved was to make you look like a fool. But maybe you can explain?

    thanks, i love it when you keep showing your intellectual brilliance on bwog.

    • non-hypocrite  

      lol use the tracking function, dipshit, or just read the comment before yours to see i am not the same person as "Frances". hahaha
      what was i trying to acheive? what makes you think i'm trying to acheive anything? do i need to say it again? ITS ANONYMOUS POSTING ON AN INTERNET BLOG! its hilarious how seriously you take this shit. hahahahahahahaha!!!

  24. Frances JeffreyCoker  

    What was ironic? No really, I didn't put that post, #27. I don't know who put it. I didn't post anything in irony either... maybe if it had been ironic then I would look less of a fool?? I don't know. But nothing I said was meant to be ironic.

    The only posts on this wall I'm responsible for are #23 and #31. Okay so #23 was obnoxious. If it really bothers you, then I retract it.

  25. my bad  

    alright frances, please accept my apologies. I suspect I may have overkilled on my personal attack against you, and that wasn't cool.

    good luck with the PE skiing class, and let's everyone be friends now and stop obsessing with bwog! ;)

    i'm done with this hunger strike and not coming back to this discussion again, so peace to everyone and let's get on with our lives.

  26. Frances JeffreyCoker  

    Haha, fer real. Thanks!

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