Community Health House Wants to Feed You

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We know this because they have alerted Bwog of their “free organic Thanksgiving dinner,” and to the fact that they’re a “special interest community that actually does something besides give itself sweet housing.” Like feed you! So “stop by EC townhouse H604 at 8 pm for turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie and all the other excellent Thanksgiving fare!” And do it guilt-free. This is the Health House, after all.

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  1. randian  

    Then stop by Objectivism House for the truth on how to live a guilt-free life.

  2. Aristotle  

    And round off your evening with a visit to the House of Athens for some hardcore love action with our hareem of handsome boys.

  3. and  

    i resent the idea that other SICs dont do anything...

  4. hold me now

    After you stop by the Hedonism House, stop by the Vegan House for free Tofurkey at 10!

  5. vegan  

    i took you seriously for a second :(

  6. Venus  

    After slurping the curd out of your tofurkey, stop by the Sex House to fuck our selection of Columbia Students at 12 AM! We have whites, blacks, yellows, LGBTQ... a sex buffet!

  7. The Art House  

    will come to your SICs, pillage your goods, ravage your women, and use your tears for paint thinners for painting the Sistine Chapel on your face.

  8. takeoutbox  

    then stop by MY HOUSE for some good old fashioned halo

  9. Why are the police  

    killing unarmed men in Brooklyn? 2 dead in two weeks, and only a bottle and a hairbrush between the two of them?

  10. damn  

    don't be black in Brooklyn - the NYPD just might have to kill you

  11. damn  

    Don't pretend to know anything about Brooklyn when you're not from there.

  12. Thank you  

    This dinner was delicious.

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