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Technologically-advanced changes are afoot for CUID holders and their card-swiping security guards. A new scanning system, (in which instead of a swipe, the security guard “hovers” the ID over a card-reading machine) is already in place in many of the libraries, and heading to Butler imminently.

John Jay residents also may have noticed the phasing-out of the swipe. Recalls one such resident, “I noticed this morning that the student swiping cards in at the security desk had not been taking IDs but just looking at the IDs and letting students through.” Reports are circulating of a small (seemingly inactivated) machine sitting on the security desk in Jay—perhaps a tool of this new-fangled Hovercraft Access?

The Hovercraft was installed in Claremont last night and is already in place in Woodbridge and naturally already causing problems. “It’s actually a problem because it doesn’t work and you need to swipe (now scan, I guess) to even get in the building.”

Meanwhile, one Barnard student reports that when her ID was accidentally swiped by a Claremont security guard, she gained swipe/hover access to all of the Columbia dorms. “I hope I have SIPA access, too,” she said.

SIPA access: the Great Columbian Dream.




  1. yikes  

    I have SIPA access, bitches.

    Also, Wien has had the new scanner for a couple days. It seems a little pointless that they still have someone sitting there to wave it for you, but oh well.

    Also, your word order sounds like Chinese: "John Jay residents also many have noticed". Try again.

  2. Wait a sec

    Isn't SIPA access just, um, walking in the building?

    What other SIPA access could you be referring to besides just the front doors. Or is there some secret SIPA society I'm not party to?

  3. SIPA swipe access

    gives one access to SIPA at night which is a really huge shortcut to EC from Amsterdam and also to the SIPA roof and to the SIPA cafe (Illy coffee)

  4. they're

    called proximity readers. I kind of feel like a cave man with technology. Other schools have implemented proximity access to buildings and dorms for a long time. Yale had them when I visited 5 years ago.

    Congratulations Columbia, you're only about a decade behind.

  5. The King of Spain  

    John Jay already has the proximity reader. Students weren't swiping because the computer had crashed before that.

  6. Furnald  

    I know nobody cares about Furnald, but we've had it for a couple days now too.

  7. barnard  

    Actually, the old Barnard IDs swiped into Columbia dorms too, which I learned 3 years too late a month ago also at Claremont.

  8. CC07

    omg, Barnard girls are getting access to Columbia dorms? That's ridiculous!

    I repeat, Barnard College is NOT part of Columbia University.

  9. actually  

    it's called RFID and CUMC has had it since August. Undergrads don't matter, so we get it last. If you hold your card up to a bright light, you can actually see the chip embedded in the plastic.

  10. Mcbain  

    has had it for a couple of days too. Really Bwog, I know you hate Carman and Mcbain and *gasp* socializing with normal people, but the hipster dorms aren't the only ones that exist at Columbia.

  11. Anonymous  

    I'm surprised that more people don't know about this, but SIPA access is really easy to get- just go to 118 Low (or whatever the room is next to the security desk) and ask for it. I've never been asked why in three years. But if this is a secret, shhh, don't tell anyone.

  12. I punched a hole  

    in the upper-left corner of my ID so I could put it on my caribiner. Now it doesn't scan anymore because apparantly I punched out the smartchip...I can see metal pieces in the hole. Great, thanks for telling me COLUMBIA.

    I love you.

  13. IDhole

    They did tell most people. I guess you just weren't listening.

  14. poli scientist  

    I had SIPA access all last year. You just have to ask - they'll give it to you...if you're a baller, that is.

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