QuickSpec: Teenagers and Their Mistakes Edition

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  1. Anonymous  

    "Columbia students, of whom there are now more than 2,000"

    Decidedly more, I should say.

  2. wirc  

    It's unfortunate that such a prestigious paper would not bother to read even the summaries of the FEIS and 197-a plan, or just older coverage. Taking the protesters' words a face value is not a good way of judging the situation.

    Still better than The Sun.

  3. capcom  

    The Guardian is a shit newspaper.

    In Britain they actually call it The Grauniad because it prints so many errors.

  4. yeah

    they def. did not do their homework on this one.

  5. anonymous

    Goddamn racist Harlemites.

  6. Guardian  

    Figures they send the shitty correspondent to America...

  7. ...  

    Bwog, you write teases like a bad local tv newscast.

  8. CC '06

    I like how they report that we're planning to "turn the neighborhood into 'Manhattanville,'" as if the name is part of some flashy campaign dreamt up by the boys in PR.

  9. wirc  

    Well, Manhattanville is European for "Atlah."

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