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Class councils are usually content with spamming our inboxes and springing for the occasional platter of Dino BBQ. And God bless ’em for it–free food and the electronically-reinforced illusion of class unity are the two pillars upon which successful student government stand. But the CC 2011 class council is taking this time-honored formula to its next logical–albeit deeply terrifying–stage. Bored with the usual, culinary instruments of age/school-based tribalism, the 2011ers are throwing a “blacklight dance party.” From the email:

“What: The Highlight, a blacklight dance party. (Yes, we will have

blacklights and techno music.)

Where: Lerner Party Space

When: Monday, December 10th, THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES!”

There is a lot to be said here (a blacklight party? Wash your hands, guys!) that it is simply below a publication as dignified as Bwog to say–ecstasy jokes and the like. All we’ll say is off your high horses, freshies: you can’t just give your party a name. The Highlight just strikes us as so, so…so obnoxious, go-to-be-seen, $12 cocktail, West Village club “scene.” So NYU.

Elsewhere in Fair Alma’s orbit: In honor of his work as a pro-Palestinian activist, and, assumedly, in recognition of the fact that you can’t go through four years of college without reading (or at least pretending to have read) Orientalism, San Francisco State University has dedicated a mural to Edward Said, the late University Professor and postcolonial theorist. Although we’re miffed at having to concede the mural round of the “which University loves Edward Said the most” contest, Bwog is still pleased to see that a successful career in Morningside can get you painted on the side of a building 4,000 miles away.


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  1. no thanks

    why would you ever in a million years go a blacklight dance party hosted by freshmen on the last day of classes when you can go see XMAS! A Secular Spectacular at 7:30pm and/or 11pm in Roone FOR FREE!

    you'll be glowing with so much holiday spirit you wont need a blacklight... or something?

  2. i don't  

    want to be a detail troll, but san francisco is about 3,000 miles away.

  3. rogue  

    First, Said rocks.

    Second, way to be a Debbie Downer Bwog. Think of how busy CAVA will be!

  4. is that  

    a masturbation joke?


    • CSI  

      Blacklight alone is not enough to conclusively identify semen. It's amusing that you would say to wash your hands, because it's more likely that the soap would glow than would any trace amount of semen.

  5. does  

    that mean i don't have to wash the semen off my hands before coming to this party then

  6. the 2011  

    class president is out of control. calm down your intensity sonny, no one needs a retread of 2010

  7. brilliant

    How absolutely brilliant to have a party on the brink of finals.

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