So It Goes

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The cruel cycle of nature continues–right in front of Lewisohn! Writes a tipster:

“Just at noon (right now!) I saw a GIANT hawk in front of the sculpture facing Lewisohn, chowing down on some small animal.  It’s neat to see real wild life in the city.”

And it’s neat to see such fitting metaphors for our transient, fragile and ever-so-vulnerable state of existence unfolding before our very eyes. Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. DHI  

    Fucking sweet.
    Raptors is where it's at.

  2. EAL  

    I too enjoy Kurt Vonnegut.

  3. haha  

    i like how this post is tagged with "free food"

  4. grateful patron  

    Thank-you for the tip. It was a fine feast.

  5. 12312  

    Next time, let's eat the hunger strikers.

  6. johnheff

    i bet you the golden hawk came from cathedral st john they have a nest in back of the building facing morningside

  7. I saw

    a severed pidgin wing by pupin around that time

  8. Alum

    Da severed pidgin wing be da best sorta eatin', man.

  9. yeah  

    does anyone know why there are so many severed bird parts on 120th street ALL THE TIME?! inquiring minds want to know.

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