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gannonDavid Eisenbach has done it again–one more polarizing political figure to enlighten campus discourse. This Wednesday, December 5th, faux White House correspondent-cum-boy toy Jeff Gannon will speak at Faculty House  about his new book, The Great Media War, which promises to “take aim at liberal media bias.” 

You fight that media bias, Jeff (or should we say James?) 

If you can’t wait, click on over to his blog, where preview pearls of wisdom await!



  1. what on earth  

    is the problem with republicans being asked questions by non-Republicans? i mean, if you have a problem with that, it's basically partisanship gone way too far - like in fucking virginia.,0,5164913.story

  2. does  

    this guy just sit in his home contemplating ways to make people pay attention to him that dont involve actually doing any decent scholarship?

    • dave's

      a pretty decent scholar too. but he does what other professors won't do, namely host controversial speakers about topics of public interest, and not just navel-gazing academic topics.

      • yeah but  

        when you're inviting jeff gannon, it becomes obvious that you're interested purely in controversy for its own sake. which is childish and stupid.

        i doubt there will be protests of this guy though. he's just impossible to take seriously.

        • anonymous

          Please, stop whining about 'controversy'. You call people controversial when you don't like what they have to say.

          Many speakers you might like to hear would probably count as controversial from the perspective of people who don't share your political beliefs. The 'controversy' label is just an easy excuse to avoid engagement.

          • But

            Gannon is a prostitute who writes phony news stories. What, exactly, are you expecting him to add to the discourse? It's like inviting Monica Lewinsky to speak... it's just dumb.

  3. huh  

    "cum-boy-toy." nice one bwog.

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