With Thanksgiving a distant memory and our 39 day winter break on the horizon, the holiday season is officially upon us. No matter your non-secular celebration of choice come December, campus groups are affording everyone the opportunity to do good deeds. Karma: the gift that keeps on giving. 

Today in Lerner there is a veritable buffet of opportunity to do something generous for the human race. Starting from up the ramp going down, The Clothesline Project has set up a public display of hanging t-shirts designed to raise awareness of sexual violence. (The set-up is also adverti
sing a workshop tonight in Hamilton for all those interested.)

Further down the 1st floor ramp are three girls selling baked goods in order to benefit cyclone victims. “They’re all baked!” explained one. Indeed. Cupcakes and cookies were plentiful, as was were what Bwog believes to have been apple cider. Autumnal!

Following the bake sale was a mysterious display of Hershey’s brand candy bars (Reeses, chocolate bars, Snickers) and one Special K bar. No explanation as to where the proceeds from the candy bar sale would go, but numerous Clip Art smiley faces convinced Bwog that where ever the dollar we paid for a Special K bar was going, it was a good place.

In addition to Lerner’s offerings today, Barnard sent out an email last week encouraging students to donate food or time to local soup kitchens and attached a document making it easier to do so. Even future the Masters of the Universes at SEAS are organizing a toy drive, inviting you to drop off gifts for kids in Botwinick Lab in Mudd.

So get to it, kids. ‘Tis the season.