So what’s it like to go six days without food? When Bwog tried asking a hunger striker earlier this afternoon, we were politely redirected to a member of the strikers’ “support team:” according to Jamie Chen, C ’09, the strikers want to “bring attention off of the hunger striking and on to the demands,” which means they weren’t able (willing?) to field questions themselves.

But Gabe Espinal, C ’09, gave Bwog a sense of how the strikers are doing so far. He said that Health Services has been checking up on the strikers multiple times each day and characterized them as being in “decent shape”–although he added that oncoming cold weather is a concern.

Chen and Espinal declined to speculate on how much longer this will last. “Past hunger strikes at Harvard and Georgetown have gone on for almost a month,” said Chen. Will this one? Stay tuned.

Elsewhere in strike-related news: Nick DeGenova has issued a statement of support, complete with his wishes that the strikers’ “example flourish and insipre countless comparable acts of liberation!” Tonight’s vigil will be hosted by Lucha, and will be commemorating all those “killed crossing the US-Mexican border in serach of a better life.” Columbiaphobic folk singer Nellie McKay paid a visit to the tents for a vigil last night; meanwhile hunger striking has been all the rage this week, catching on in such diverse places as Pakistan, BangladeshFiji, India, South Korea and Bahrain. Hopefully the one here won’t go quite as awry as this one.