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A motley band representing Philolexian Society cell CRUSHP (a one-syllable shortening of the Committee for Rectifying the Unphilolexian Sneaky Hipster Problem) has gathered on the Sundial and is hurling insults at passing hipsters. Hipsters, thus far, have not been too affected, because the catcalls are still quieter than the Norwegian middle school-themed songs blasting on their iPods.

For all the hipster-haters out there seeking oneliners, CRUSHP’s finer slogans include “no label, no talent!” and “their new album is better than their first!” Manhattanville expansion opponents might appropriate the chant, “What do we want? Sincerity! When do we want it? Now!” And they would surely ask CRUSHP’s permission before taking it for themselves.

In the interest of honest journalism, Bwog has been debating among itself all morning whether it has been infiltrated by too many hipsters to cover this story without bias. Indeed, Bwog may have been the target of a CRUSHPer hollering “skinny jeans reduce your sperm count.” Bwog was only semi-hurt, as this correspondent would prefer to keep her sperm count low.


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Top photo, from left: “Try listening to music that is actually listenable” and “Having a bike with no brakes does not make you a badass.  It makes you a tool.  And an organ donor.”

Bottom photo, from left: “No, their new album is way better than their first” and “Buy CDs! not LPs!”




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  1. CRUSHP  

    Buy American!
    Not American Apparel!


    that was pretty great.

  3. ahahahahaa  

    Awesome. So true. Bwog, you are hipster as fuck.

  4. The King of Spain  

    Thankfully we have purged the hipsters form my country, leaving only the swarthiest eurotrash.

  5. Obid  

    Everyone in or around Butler at 4:15 today is now a lifetime member of the Philolexian Society!

  6. yeah  

    but it's hard to tell if a person wearing tie-dye should be making fun of other peoples' clothing.

  7. Anonymous  

    People who hate hipsters are hipsters themselves.

    qvis cvstodiet ispos cvstodes


    • of course...  

      that said, i don't understand all the bitching about hipsters... sure it's kind of annoying, but what would you prefer? a rave revival? ahhhhhghghghghgHGH!!

      at least hipsters grow out of it. die hard ravers grow out of ravedom to become furries..

  8. BUT  

    What if they were hipsters (in disguise) protesting themselves. I think that would be ironic enough for hipsters to love.

  9. yeah  

    i think you're on to something...

  10. irony  

    because two of the protesters were wearing skinny jeans themselves.

  11. ...

    all i could think when seeing this is that these people clearly have awesome professors who are not giving them any work...... clearly, they cannot be people from my classes

  12. out-hipstered  


  13. the glasses  

    Morrissey IS the joke that isn't funny anymore.

  14. yow

    Lydia can wear skinny jeans any time she wants.

  15. boring  

    besides, you can buy skinny jeans at american eagle. or for your 8 year old sister.

    making fun of hipsters is probably about as cliche as hipsters.

  16. Hipsters  

    OMG no one has made fun of hipsters before!

  17. noam and helenka  

    are my heros

  18. lordy  

    these have to be freshmen

  19. blerg  

    the real question is: is mr. goddamn dirty hippie a "bro" or a "dude?"

  20. Goddamn Dirty Hippie

    What is this bro/dude game of which you speak?

  21. Rudolf Rocker  

    I was only wearing my 3/4-tight pants (as I was hungover) and yet still received abuse. fools! how little they know of my pants' true width! also I offered that kid with the weird face the chance to sample my sperm in order to determine virility. apparently I can still make babies. they shall listen to scandinavian post-punk.

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