Happy Chanukah!

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Tonight marks the first night of Chanukah. We have the Maccabees and their defeat of Seleucid Empire to thank for 8 nights of presents, gelt and latkes beginning in 25 minutes. (And our friends in states with agriculture-based economies to thank for sunset at 4:28pm tonight.)

Chabad house is celebrating by lighting an outlandishly-sized menorah (the press release claims “8ft!!”) on the steps of Low every night of Chanukah. Chabad’s combating the bitter, freezing cold with promises of free hot cider and donuts. 

A happy Chanukah to all!

Meanwhile, the cycle of life and death continues to play out in front of Furnald. Reports are circulating of large bird (“hawk/falcon,” says a source) perched in front of the dorm and causing a disturbance within Furnald lawn’s regular crow population.  Perhaps the “8ft!!” menorah will frighten the hawk/falcon back to the wilds and rectify the unbalance in Morningside Height’s ecosystem. It would be a Chanukah miracle.

UPDATE 5:14PM: Bird expert and Bwog tipster Courtney identifies the hawk/falcon as a juvenile red-tail hawk. And in the grand tradition of Maccabees vs. Antiochus IV and other battles of Chanukahs past, thus commences 8ft!! Menorah vs. Red-Tail Hawk.

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  1. help!  

    can someone please tell me where to buy channukah candles around here? I usually always get them from the dudes with the hats... but they don't seem to be so around...

  2. goy  

    Is Chanukah earlier than usual this year? It seems like it is, but I'm a bit too goyish to know for sure.

  3. lame  

    an 8-foot menorah on the steps?!? call me anti-semitic if you like, but isn't that a little... ostentatious? i'm not so sure an 8-foot cross would be so brazenly advertised, to say nothing of other religions...

  4. umm...  

    pretty sure a christmas tree goes out there in the next few days... not to mention the 15 ft. one already in John Jay lounge.

    • umm...  

      There's no Christmas tree on Low, nor was there one last year, although there are the "holiday lights" on all the College Walk trees.

      That having been said, there is the tree is JJ, so the administration isn't completely anti-Christian

  5. The King of Spain  

    Where is my HumanLight rational information table? We have pamphlets!

  6. kraft center

    on 115 b/w b'way and riverside is selling candles + chanukiyot for $3 and just candles for something like 1.50 - i think you can go to the 3rd floor and get 'em during business hours?

  7. Wow  

    I loved "A Rugrats Chanukah."

  8. john heff

    the falcon has a nest at st john the divine



  10. afsafafs  

    40320 factorial foot menorah

  11. dsaadssad  

    3.4343594927610057460299569794489e+168186 foot menorah

  12. menorah  

    is a character in xmas 2!

    GO SEE IT.

  13. bird news!  

    now thats what im talking about bwog. moar plz

  14. or in  

    jts, or morton (i think they're in the kosher section) or probably apple tree...

  15. i agree  

    why is there a huge menorah? OUTSIDE, in the open. Holiday lights are secular (they keep college walk bright and pretty) and the Christmas tree is inside a building, in a lounge where not many people are.

  16. GOD  

    I say there there be a giant eight foot menorah on campus.

  17. Redactor  

    And so on the 4th of December 2007, there was an eight foot menorah on campus. And it pleased God, and it was for the good and benefit of the community, and the goym stopped kveching like little faygeles.

  18. OK Bwog

    The menorah logo is kinda cute, but I'm a little insulted. Unless you're going to be pulling a google and regularly change the logo to reflect holidays and events, as a non-jew (gasp! we exist) I think it's a little bit much.

    Will there be a nativity scene for christmas? a lamb for eid al adha?

    Just Sayin.

    • you're  

      offended that a religion that is less-popular than yours (which enjoys only about 1e6 practicing members) is receiving recognition in a logo, on a college blog, for maybe 7 days of the year? When you manage to pull your head out of your conceited, anti-semitic ass, please proceed to go suck a dick.

    • rjt  

      The "as a non-Jew" was the best part of this post. If they put up something for black history month, I hope you get offended "as a non-black."

      Also, I read up through the 30s in Animorphs, then a year ago or so caught myself all up via Wikipedia. K.A. Applegate, you fine figure of a children's author.

      • nonjew

        Pay attention. I'm not offended that Bwog put up the logo. I'm just saying that it's problematic if they don't do something for other major celebrations (which I don't recall them doing. I could be wrong.) Basically if you're going to do the google logo thing, you're going to have to be consistent.

        Maybe paint splatters for Holi?

        • rjt  

          I just thought the phrase "as a non-Jew" was really funny. It made me imagine tons of Jews high-fiving each other on their conspiratorial domination of blog header logos and only one Gentile voice of truth realizing that they haven't done it for other holidays, too. Then something like "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" happens.

          Basically, my point was: if you think this constitutes an endorsement of a religion, then...huh?

          • Ian Crone  

            Whatever, "rjt," whatever your real name is. As a Secular Humanist, I find it offensive that I am forced to look at any religious symbols on this blog, unless they add the HumanLight symbol on December 23, and offer reasonable arguments against the existence of God, and the logo reflects the existence of an ethical society supported only by humanistic respect and compassion.

  19. chagood  

    Chabad puts out the menorah, not CU. Not Hillel.

    CU puts up the tree in John Jay.

    Thus, if the KCCC or some other group wanted to get permission from CU, they could probably get a tree on the steps if they wanted. But, they'd probably get protested by green groups for cutting down a tree before another religious group would make a stink.

  20. black hats rock

    the dudes with the hats were giving away menorahs and candles for free at the 8ft. menorah lighting. they were also in Gerome Green today where over 300 were distributed.
    the donuts were great btw

  21. teachaaa  

    tehe i used that same google image menorah to teach my after school kids abt hannukah today. love it. much more hip in this setting though.

  22. One  

    of the reasons provided in the rabbinic literature for the lighting of the hannukiah (8-branched, as opposed to a 7-branched menorah) is "pirsumei nisa," making the miracle of Hannukah public. This is why it is preferable to light candles in a window facing a busy street, a doorway, or in Chabad's estimation, on the steps. Though ostentatious, the 8 ft. hannukiah certainly derives from this dictum.

  23. generally

    the custom is to begin lighting the chanukiyah with the right-most candle; each night, a new candle is added to the left of the first candle. in other words bwog, flip your logo.

  24. KLX  

    Don't you people have other things to do than protest a Chanukiyah? Go finish your term papers, start studying for finals, and finally ask that girl you've been wanting to go out with for the whole semester in your class for her number. There are better things to do.

    Appreciate the menorah, just as we appreciate the holidays lights and Christmas trees, and everything else that Columbia and NYC offer in terms of a wide and diverse array of cultures, religions and customs.

  25. anonymous  


    tobias in animaniacs was red-tailed hawk. he got trapped as one on their first mission, though. so sad, really. maybe that's him. except i think he became human again by the end of the series, but i can't be sure. that actor was also on MTV's Undressed. because i'm sure you were all curious.

    • so close...  

      animorphs bud, animorphs -- animaniacs were the cartoon characters.

      ps. i never finished the series (stopped at 19), but i'll probably get back to it right around the time i aughta be frantically writing my thesis senior year.

      pps. tobias and the hot blond chick fooled around while they were both morphed into raptors right?

      ppps. i feel sex as a bird would only be so-so -- too much sharp stuff, not enough cushioning.

      alright, i'm glad i got that off my chest

      • Bird sex

        Bird sex would probably be very disappointing, but not for the reasons you mentioned. Birds´copulatory organs are very dissimilar to humans´. Males do not have a "penis"-type organ, but rather an all-purpose orifice. Bird sex is a lot more like rubbing two vaginas together (only one of the vaginas emits sperm).

        NOW YOU KNOW!

        p.s. It has always been my thought that Lesbians should look into this model if they wish to have families.

  26. me again  

    curses! how did i confuse the only two loves of my childhood. maybe it's because animaniacs had a far superior holiday festivities than animorphs could ever have imagined. there was an altered 12 days of christmas, but, to bring it back to this thread, there was never an episode about Hanukkah. lame.

  27. asasas  

    No, um like 100% appeal.

  28. futurama  

    I want kwanzaa bot and the book!

  29. jew

    welcome to new york, goyim.

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