The Trees are Lit!

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College Walk is crammed with merrymakers for the annual tree-lighting ceremony.  All in all, it is a very Columbia Christmas: the Kingsmen modified “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” with a verse on lovebirds PrezBo and Ahmadinejad and Eric Foner gave a Bush-bashing speech about critical thinking in the new year.  An unfortunate elderly gentlemen picked this hour to drive across College Walk and was greeted by Manhattan-centric cries of “Jersey plates!  Oh, shameful!” 

Best of all were the tables and tables of cookies (store bought) and hot beverages (a fine, tart cider and a very chocolatey, smooth cocoa).  Spread among the free food were jingle bells, an informal poll (sample size 6) of which revealed one-third to be jingleless decoys.  Make sure to grab a ringing one and join the procession from Low to John Jay lounge, where the Yule Log ceremony will start around 7.



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  1. wirc  

    Whatever happened to those bollards? have they used them in over a year?

  2. what?!  

    bwog not covering yulelog ceremony!

  3. EAL  

    Yule Log is awesome. It's great to see John Jay decked out for the holidays. Cherry tarts and egg nog afterwards help.

  4. hot cider!!  

    I heard XMAS2 sing and they were awesome! I can't wait for their show on Monday.

  5. hurray!  

    kate linthicum!

  6. myohmy  

    oh my our acapella groups are kindasorta awful. no wonder they didn't get into yale.

    • nahh  

      non-sequitur's "let it snow" in 5/4 was pretty awesome. i feel like they're the only acapela group with some semblance of music knowledge . . . all the other groups just repeat the same background over and over

  7. alvin  

    friend tells me daft punk played the yule log ceremony this year. is this true?

    what time did daft punk go on?

  8. hot  

    chocolate was great!

  9. lefty  

    can foner and his ilk not go 5 minutes without bush-bashing?

  10. Damn

    They turned the lights on like three times before the ceremony. Que anticlimactic.

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