Ask Bwog: Reading Week Edition

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Bwog wishes all a happy end of classes and a grudging welcome to reading week! While writing a paper this weekend, one B&W editor wondered aloud whether there was any way to highlight text in Word and change the case of the selected text. As per usual, Master of Word Zach van Schouwen was standing by with solution on hand.

A short illustrated tutorial:

.                                                                2. 



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  1. Dear Anon B&W editor  

    jfg it

  2. I've always wondered  

    this is gonig to change my life

  3. DHI  

    Man, toggle case was around back on old, old Microsoft Word, and it was better back then because it was called "toggle case"

  4. lol  

    that was a pretty simple technological feat for your webmaster to teach us...

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