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menorahMaybe they were just there for the latkes and cider, or the Columbia Marching Band playing Chanukah songs, but the promise of a Prezbo appearance may have drawn the substantial crowd at tonight’s concluding menorah lighting. Rabbi Yonah Blum greeted Lee C. with praise and a Chanukah gift, and after Prezbo said a few words about religious tolerance and mounted the ladder with his lantern-lighting blowtorch, the ceremony concluded.

The strains of Hava Nagila followed this Gentile bwogger back to her labors, Hershey’s kiss gelt in hand.


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  1. Jew  

    Damn, I didn't know PrezBo was gonna be there! I walked by this...The music was great, though!

    Happy last-day-of-Hannukah to all!

  2. inquiry  

    What is Bollinger anyway? Is he Jewish?

  3. ok, but  

    the donuts were fantastic

  4. why is this news?  

    or relevant. who cares

  5. bollinger

    Bollinger is not Jewish. But for heaven's sake, why can't he ever get credit for a nice gesture? Why does everyone have to respond with resentment and bigotry?

  6. homer simpson

    yum doughnuts...

  7. His wiki  

    says that he is jewish

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