What happens on 113th at night?

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Bwog has received several e-mails about a violent incident outside McBain at about 4:30 AM this morning. Calls to Public Safety have so far proved fruitless, so we thought we’d at least print the eyewitness accounts until more information becomes available:

nypd“I was sleeping peacefully in my room above Nussbaum last night when at around 4:30 in the morning, I woke to blood-curdling screams, next thing I knew, two men (both who looked young from my window) were being arrested with no less than 5 cop cars and 8 NYPD on the job, and one sobbing girl standing out in front of the entrance to McBain.”

“At about 4 am there was some drunken shouting between someone in McBain and some drunk guy on the street. Not sure if it was connected with what happened 30 minutes later, but it’s 4:34 am right now and I heard a woman screaming loudly and crying. I had no idea what was going on but I knew it wasn’t just drunk screaming anymore. She was LOUD.

I jumped out of bed, rushed downstairs, and told the security guard, who said it was nothing – that it was from 112th street, but I told him no I heard it coming from 113th. Then he flips on his security cam and I saw the WHOLE THING go down. There was struggling, fighting, and a woman in a white coat screaming. Then the cops pulled up and BAM tackled one of the guys (not sure how many there were).”

What’s going on? If you know anything, let us know at [email protected]



  1. there was  

    definitely shouting outside mcbain right before that. people were shouting to a couple of guys to shut up and they were threatening things like "come out here and say that"

  2. I remember  

    This girl was SCREAMING. Loudest thing I have ever heard, it woke me up out of a dead sleep. She kept saying things like, "Don't take him," or something. The screaming went on for at least 5 minutes.

  3. yup...  

    this is what i saw from my window in broadway (i was basically directly above the whole scene):
    it was about 4:30 or 4:45 in the morning, and i was awakened by bloodcurdling screams. i seriously thought the girl was getting raped or something. so i opened my window and stuck my head out. there was a girl screaming "stop it" and other unintelligible utterances. dude 1 (in a gray skullcap) knocked down dude 2 (in a white jacket). then dude 2 knocked down dude 1. then the girl said something like "but i love him" and gave the guy in the white jacket a hug. i thought the scene was over, but then the guy in the white jacket started beating the shit out of the other guy and threw him up against the iron bars outside of mcbain. then the cops came and cuffed them both, and the girl kept crying.

  4. Well  

    Was one of the cops Emeril? Frankly, I'd prefer my BAM tackle extra spicy.

  5. Anonymous

    Nice reaction from the security guard.

  6. Observer

    Spec end of semester party. Nothing more to see really.


  7. Lycian Penguin  

    Welcome Class of 2012?

  8. Death Eater  

    But did anyone see the Dark Mark?

  9. in the know  

    the other person in the fight was Troy McHenry, also a former football player.

    The two guys knew each other.

    • amen  

      that guy looks life the definition of a d-bag. seeing people like that pisses me off

    • wowzer  

      A sociology major? Really? I think that's the most shocking part of this whole thing.

      But also that profile is like...straight out of University of Mississippi or something. The bible verse, the "there are none" comment in the books, interests such as football, beer and stocks etc...

  10. I WISH I KNEW  


  11. ...  

    who cares what his major is people get in fights.. you guys are ridiculous judging people you dont even know doesnt make you that much better .. since when do you have to look a certain way to go here.. and football as an interest really? what guy isnt interested in it .. not to mention they leave out completely that the other guy involved was also at one point on the football team .. it was a fight they happen just because some crazy drunk girl screamed at the top of her lungs something happened about it big deal.. seriously you people need to get lives

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