1. The Voice of Reason  

    The Voice of Reason tells you to shut your mouth. Let the Voice of Reason speak.

  2. uuh  

    when i click the "cheating is dumb" link, i get:

    display_current_article: id no good

    i get this error fairly often when i click on your links bwog, why?

  3. David Brent  

    There's been a rape!

  4. SAS  

    That was so BS easy that I didn't need to cheat.

  5. please  

    bwog- post something new! i need to procrastinate!

  6. anti-rjt  

    rob trump once gave birth to an asshole and then realized that he just gave birth to himself.

  7. Excalibur

    I froze your tears and made a dagger and stabbed it in my cock forever

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