1. steph quan  

    shakes it like none other

  2. Borat  

    In Kazakhstan, we have many hobbies, like archery, disco dancing, and rape.

    I like you, and I like goofy chem students.

  3. haha  

    i spy steph quan! brad...shame on you for mot dancing along!

  4. ehh  

    it was pretty funny in the beginning, but then just went on for 4 minutes of pretty much the same thing. funny though

  5. ahahaha this is awesome

    why are science kids more creative than the liberal arts kids on this campus

  6. omg  

    hahahah the snyder/lambert battle is HILARIOUS

  7. steph quan  

    is the best. the other crazy wigged girl (or guy) seems like she's some chick from a video game

  8. oops  

    sorry for the double-idiocy. i tried to stop myself to prevent the lame grammar error. yet, i was too late.

  9. If only  

    Getting tenure were that easy...

  10. not a science kid  

    I wish I could be as cool as those science kids.

  11. See,  

    now we can understand why science profs are so freakin' cool! Cause they were once grad students just like these...Woohoo science!

  12. Oh my,  

    Was that Paul Vadola? He was an awesome Chem TA. Always wore sweater vests.

  13. entertained  

    Who's the prof that actually danced with them? (aka the one in the youTube preview frame)

  14. "ascenseur disco"  

    the french already did this better...

  15. #3 returns  

    oh, i loves me some brad. and will miss him dearly next semester! lol hes going to know who this is now. uh oh

  16. which michelle?  


  17. random  

    hahaha. My TA for p chem came out (asian guy with the black glasses) . I would have never have thought to see him rocking out let alone (somewhat) dancing with people.

  18. damn  

    that girl in the red is hot

  19. the box is red  


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