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preppyBut we had to take a double take when we read the release about a robbery just sent out by Public Safety chief Jim McShane, which contained the following description:

Male/white/30’s/6’/medium build/clean shaven,

wearing a dark sweater with horizontal stripes, khaki


Kind of a preppy robber, no? He must have been carrying a gun; otherwise she would have just punched him in the face.  

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  1. evidently  

    it is exceedingly unusual when a criminal is not a person of color.

    it's ok, bwog. you've done this before.

  2. Wrong  

    Bwog is pointing out that he's wearing a dark sweater with horizontal STRIPES and KHAKI PANTS.

  3. blue  

    I think they tried to make it abundantly clear that it was because he was PREPPY - the picture, tags, and final paragraph would all suggest so.

    Or dost bwog protest too much?

  4. omgz  

    what about eric lukas?

  5. AAAAAAHHH!!!!!  

    White people are committing crimes!!! what is the world coming to? Ohhh sweet humanity.

  6. Jon  

    What an unbelievably racist post.

    • Oh come on

      Of all the muggings in this neighborhood Columbia has sent notifications to its students about in the past year and a half, this is most definitely the first one committed by a white guy.

      So is this post racist...or just pointing out the obvious?

  7. pay attention

    the picture is of a black guy. obviously we're emphasizing his khakis and not his color...
    people of color dress preppily too, by the by

    • the picture

      is most definitely not of a black guy. slightly tan white guy, yes, but definitely not black.

    • 80s  

      "people of color"

      What the fuck is wrong with you? I thought we'd gone beyond lumping all minorities together as "colored people"?

      Or are you trying to lump them all together to distinguish them from those evil racist imperialist whites?

      Fucking racist.

      • Voice of Reason

        80s = psycho

        there's a difference between racism and reality. saying that the majority of violent crimes in new york city are committed by minorities is a REALITY. to say that they commit said crimes BECAUSE they are black or inferior is RACIST. The former is true, the latter false.

        recognize the difference you politically correct twats

  8. Hm.

    Striped sweater? The hamburgler must have been wearing his formal wear.

  9. 12312  

    Assholes might argue that white people steal everyday. In fact, we just stole a piece of Manhattan yesterday.

  10. huh

    Did they change the photo? Bc the photo on my computer is definitely a white guy...

  11. Carlton Banks  

    I am most offended that some of you assume that one must be white if he wears striped sweaters and pops his collar. You are all as bad as my cousin Will.

  12. Hmmm  

    So as racist as it might sound, statistically speaking, it is unusual that a crime would be committed by a preppy looking white person in this neighborhood. That's reality - deal with it.

  13. 80s  

    Also, Bwog, you seriously need to write a post about the new P/D/F page on SSOL.

    Not only can you see your original grade from P/D/F courses taken THIS SEMESTER, you can also see your original grades from P/F courses in all previous semesters!


  14. Patrick Bateman

    Did he drop a business card at the scene?

  15. alexw  

    Dear Internet:

    I am seriously curious as to what it means to "superman that ho." Please help.

  16. .....

    urbandictionary that ho

  17. El de.  

    Good thing I took Calc II before pass/D/fail-- also, good thing I changed majors and p/f'ed that class.

    Cause I got a D.

  18. anyone

    know about the student involved in an "accident" near EC?

  19. ec dweller

    All I know is that there were more than 5 NYPD officers hanging around the 8-line of Townhouses this morning. They apparently were taking pictures with a digital camera. I saw them at 7am when I left for work, and my suitemate saw them still there at 11 am.

  20. well

    i got b minuses in two of my p/f classes. good work on my part. also, can you see all the p/f grades or just the ones from the past year?

  21. face it  

    Horizontal stripes and khaki pants are not that uncommon, or that preppy. Check out, for example, the villain from Spiderman 3. You're just racist.

  22. jeez

    this is ridiculous
    and arbitrary
    that "tan" white guy is darker than some black people
    and yet everybody explodes over the apparent significance of race when you claim that it doesn't matter.
    great. awesome. base a system of tolerance on someone's melanin. perfect.

  23. hello, bwog??  

    can anyone post something on what happened in EC this morning? i heard that someone fell from the high rise into the courtyard, but i'd like to be sure before i keep spreading this rumor...

  24. Well  

    An engineer fell (or jumped) out of his window and broke his leg. Here's the email about it from public safety:

    From: "McShane, James"
    Date: December 21, 2007 8:15:29 AM EST
    To: many recipients:;
    Cc: "Deans of Students"
    Subject: Student Hurt in East Campus Fall

    Dear Team,

    At about 5:30 A.M., SEAS student at EC was found lying in the grass in the back of the bldg. He apparently jumped or fell out of his window. Broken left leg appears to be only injury. Taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where he is in stable condition. Details to follow.

    James F. McShane

    Associate Vice President for

    Public Safety

    Columbia University

  25. Anonymous

    LOL, you were correct to portray the perpetrator in your photo as wearing a *pink* sweater. We all know those homosexual gangs that Matt Drudge is so concerned about must have been involved.

  26. wHaT

    i think the racism has more to do with the assumption that a 6' [stated to be] white guy is somehow inherently not dangerous, with the implication being that a mugger of another race would be more dangerous

  27. NO!

    NO. PEOPLE. it is not the "white" or the height that matters. it is the "clean-shaven, striped sweater & khakis" part.
    it'd be just as bemusing if it said "black." you know, all carlton banks-ish, like he himself noted a few posts ago...

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