SEAS student falls out of window

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A bit of belated news (as Bwog staff members also must make journeys to their respective motherlands), but it seems that there has been an accident! As for the “details to follow,” as far as we know they haven’t quite followed yet, although such incidents on the last day of finals do create potential imagined scenarios for themselves…

 From: “McShane, James”

Date: December 21, 2007 8:15:29 AM EST
To: many recipients:;
Cc: “Deans of Students”
Subject: Student Hurt in East Campus Fall

Dear Team,

At about 5:30 A.M.,  SEAS student at EC was found lying in the grass in the back of the bldg.  He apparently jumped or fell out of his window. Broken left leg appears to be only injury.  Taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where  he is in stable condition. Details to follow.

James F. McShane

Associate Vice President for

Public Safety

Columbia University


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  1. ...

    Wow, that's pretty crazy.... hope the kid is alright and sane...

  2. phil

    Why do they tell us this?

  3. SEAS  

    SEAS makes people want to kill themselves especially when all your friends are not SEAS and never have any work.

  4. QUICK

    basic newtonian mechanics time!

  5. CC Kid  

    To SEAS:

    That's because you're in SEAS not in CC. You guys pull our admission rate up.

  6. CC>SEAS

    At my high school based on this computer system we have, the avg CC acceptance is 3.89UW GPA and 2299 SAT, the avg Fu acceptance is 3.82 GPA and 2232 SAT.

    In general, SEAS kids may be more competent at the sciences. But I guarantee you the MOST talented mathematician/physicist/scientist is a CC student.

    When was the last time a SEAS alum won the Nobel Prize? Oh that's right, never.

    • CC '09  

      You are a tool. It pains me to think that you may have been accepted to my college. I can only hope that your talk about high school GPA and 3-component SAT scores means that you're actually in the class of '12 and somehow your offer is rescinded.

    • CC '08

      After three and a half years here, and extensive research in a wide array of social circles, I'm fairly certain that, in terms of % douchebags, CC > SEAS. And I also hope you're in '12 so I don't have to watch the douchebag/nondouchebag ratio get even higher.

      • SEAS '08

        To be fair, I think that figure depends on a narrow definition of douchebag. We at SEAS have more soulless proto-ibanker dress-like-a-douchebag-as-competitive-signaling types. You at CC have more pretentious pseudo-cynical irony-obsessed hipster snots. The GPA comparison thing actually seems more like a SEAS douchebag style move - I suppose we should note it was in response to some SEAS person making the opposite claim. The overall rates of douchebaggery are probably similar.

        As is probably obvious, so glad I'm graduating soon...

    • you're kidding  

      "When was the last time a SEAS alum won the Nobel Prize? Oh that's right, never."

      ok, it takes a grand total of about 30 seconds to plug "columbia seas nobel" into google and learn that this statement is completely false.

      do you even realize how pathetic that is?

      • haha  

        Owned. Btw, that's an absurd argument, since most SEAS students don't go into academia. And most Nobel laureates are Math/Science majors, which are closer to SEAS than CC anyway (I can vouch for that as I'm one of them).

        Can't CC & SEAS just get along, and hate on humanities majors instead?

    • Alum

      The last SEAS alum to win a Nobel was Robert C. Merton (B.S. 1966), who won the economics prize in 1997. Irving Langmuir (B.S. 1903) won the chemistry prize in 1932. Edward Kendall (B.S. 1908) won the medicine prize in 1950.

      Overall, the College has graduated 10 Nobel laureates and SEAS at least 3. Given that the College has 3 about times as many undergrads as SEAS, I'd say they are doing about equally well in this regard.

      For the record, General Stduies, the defunct College of Pharmacy, and the defunct undergrad program of the business school each also graduated one laureate.

  7. Anonymous  

    Whoever added "defenestration" as a tag to this post -- it was a good idea.

  8. :( sad  

    2012 sounds obnoxious. I really hope you guys prove me wrong and turn out awesome

  9. 2010

    Eh... 2011 looked bad but they turned out all right.

    2012 just seems childish from what I've seen.

  10. how did this  

    turn from a post about a probable suicide to a who has s bigger dick seas vs cc locker room fight?

  11. back to the story...

    Since when does EC have grass?

    • the windows

      facing Morningside Drive have a small patch of grass beside the building. This would be my guess.

      Back to the other story...I'm so tired of the hatred toward SEAS. In almost four years here, I've met plenty of douchebags aspiring to be engineers (or vice versa). But let me tell you, of the CC people I've met, a much larger proportion have turned out to be even bigger douchebags. If you think SEAS is so easy, why are you "killing yourself" in CC? Seriously, why do you take that history course, where you have to write a 40 page final paper -- and which will leave you so few job options -- when you can take a course in Fluid Mechanics, or VLSI Design, or even Materials Science? It's just a few problem sets, a midterm, and a final exam (just 3 hours, and you're done! compared to all that time you need to write your paper)... and if you do well, employers will be all over you. Really, I encourage every one of you brilliant liberal arts kids to take at least one SEAS course during your time here, so you can truly appreciate how the higher acceptance rate is reflected in the simplicity of our coursework. What's the worst that could happen, you would ace the class, and break the curve for some stupid engineering kids? All the better, I say.

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