A bit of belated news (as Bwog staff members also must make journeys to their respective motherlands), but it seems that there has been an accident! As for the “details to follow,” as far as we know they haven’t quite followed yet, although such incidents on the last day of finals do create potential imagined scenarios for themselves…

 From: “McShane, James”

Date: December 21, 2007 8:15:29 AM EST
To: many recipients:;
Cc: “Deans of Students”
Subject: Student Hurt in East Campus Fall

Dear Team,

At about 5:30 A.M.,  SEAS student at EC was found lying in the grass in the back of the bldg.  He apparently jumped or fell out of his window. Broken left leg appears to be only injury.  Taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where  he is in stable condition. Details to follow.

James F. McShane

Associate Vice President for

Public Safety

Columbia University