We Want YOU…

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…to be Bwog’s Senior Year Correspondent.

Hello Early Deciders, we’re interested in having you write for us as our first ever Senior Year Correspondent. Bwog, always partial to nostalgia and the goings-on of prefrosh, would like to run a series of posts about the life and times of a second-semester high school senior.

All interested parties should write a 300-400 word post on the subject of what it was like to find out you were accepted Early Decision. Email it to [email protected] by January 6th, 2008.  

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  1. No.

    No one cares about what' it's like to be a senior in HS, we've done it, we don't care about '12, move on Bwog

  2. Bad Idea

    I would much rather have another NYU correspondent. At least he can write.

    Oh, and happy new year.

  3. hmmm

    Interesting idea, terrible prompt. Alternatively, brilliant prompt because 99% of them are going to be cringe worthy. Easier to spot the one shining gem of the lot.

  4. could be interesting

    they might turn out to be pretty homogenous-sounding. maybe a more colorful question. dunno. something like "what are u doing to slack off during second semester?"

  5. class of 2008

    For a moment, I was excited that you were going to have a Senior Year at Columbia correspondent, but I guess you would rather find out about the pre-frosh.

  6. Anonymous  


  7. .....

    wow. Please, bwog, don't do this. I'd much rather hear what alums are doing than listen to lame frosh talking about their senior years. I really don't give a shit, since I've been a HS senior before. This will backfire, Ms. Weiner. Go out and find some cool alums to talk to instead.

  8. rjt

    1. Everyone here is wrong and this is an awesome idea.

    2. If it turns that all the entries are godawful, the Bwog people are smart enough just not to take anyone.

    3. Please post excerpts from the really bad ones.

  9. alexw  

    I will be applying several times under a series of pseudonyms.

  10. awww :(

    When I read this I got so excited, new exactly what to write about, was already looking back on my day of early acceptance four years ago with bittersweet fondness and nostalgia...and then I realized you want a high school senior, not someone who's about to be a second-semester senior at Columbia.

    I'll go slink away and cry now...

  11. ...

    You know, you should post some of those responses online... I'm sure there'll be some funny application essays

  12. blame  

    who's terrible idea was this?

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