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And So it Begins…

Though applicants are not notified until the fifteenth, at least 47 of 2012’s damndest have gained Early Early Admission acceptance. Congratulations?

Naturally, the sneaky 47 have already made a Facebook group, thereby getting a healthy head start on the path from (best!) Facebook friends (forever!) to avoiding eye contact during the Blaze.

UPDATE 9:51 PM: 2012 begins defending themselves on Bwog. Also, the ED notices were apparently posted online today at 5 PM.



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  • '12 says:

    @'12 I agree. I’m coming in next year and it kind of breaks up the online bonding for us.
    And a lot of it is just annoying whining. I feel like there are other placed to let that out

    1. rajib Mitra says:

      @rajib Mitra its all sarcasm. its intended to let u know that columbia students have a sense of humor. i started the thread as a joke. i was actually lovin it when i saw everyone was getting in on the action haha

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous There’s too many people from class of 2011 post on the ’12 facebook group. It makes me sad.

  • Not that it is says:

    @Not that it is Not that it is a bad thing, but Class of 2012 is 39% homosexual

  • CC07 says:

    @CC07 bear in mind, new columbians, that the majority of bwog comments are far more: conservative, racist, contrarian, skeptical, and obnoxious than the student body at large.

    1. yeah says:

      @yeah i agree. i’ve never been able to articulate it quite that plainly, but yea, you’re spot on.

      perhaps all the people/ideas that are marginalized in the real columbia environment have a disproportionate volume online in order to compensate

    2. Lycian Penguin says:

      @Lycian Penguin Like in the real world, cranky people bitch the loudest.

  • CC 07 says:

    @CC 07 God, I am so freaking glad that facebook did not exist before I came to Columbia. And since I didn’t go to days on campus, my first exposure to Columbia and it’s students was, gasp, move in day. What an idea.

    1. CC11 says:

      @CC11 CC07, you’re just bitter that your old, washed up ass didn’t have access to the internets like we did. Try asking your grandkids, I’m sure they’ll show you how to use facebook. In the meantime, go back to crying while you masturbate to fill the void in your pathetic, poorly-networked life.

  • CC '09 says:

    @CC '09 Don’t worry pre-froshes, Columbia is a place where all your dreams will come true. A word of advice, read all Bwog posts with a grain of salt and don’t take anything too seriously. You will probably get ragged on till NSOP starts but, it’s all in the spirit of hazing…

  • whoa says:

    @whoa i can’t believe it’s been a year since this happened to me.

    time flies.

  • An Idea says:

    @An Idea could someone start a “c’12 is ready to get CAVA’d!” group?

  • don't worry, 2012 says:

    @don't worry, 2012 there are actually nice people at columbia. most of them just don’t post on bwog.

    1. c'09 says:

      @c'09 i’m not trying to be mean; i just don’t get it.

  • Lycian Penguin says:

    @Lycian Penguin Also, at least they kinda, sorta learned from this year’s freshman crop with the related groups…

    1. c'09 says:

      @c'09 why do they make these party groups?? i can’t understand! they’re going to college; obviously they’re going to do at least a little partying, so why make a facebook group about it?.

      “heyy! im so ready to party! haha i was scared for a while that no one really wanted to party at columbia! yeahh! anyway im already drunk! cheers. haha my parents and i are having wayy too much champagne”

      is this a joke?? it sounds like a joke.

      1. nice says:

        @nice hahahaha nice find. sounds like a winner.

      2. Hehe says:

        @Hehe Man, there really is one of those groups every year. Terrifying.

  • Lycian Penguin says:

    @Lycian Penguin So, red flags for this year’s applicant crop:

    -Community Activism
    -Marking down 36-Multiculturalism as an Extracurricular
    -Mentioning the surrounding community in the “Why Columbia” essay

  • Excelsior! says:

    @Excelsior! I graduated three and a half years ago and I still miss it every day. Freshman year is when you get to make all your mistakes while you’re figuring out this college thing… I had a ton of fun, but I don’t think I was friends with any of the same people by the end of college. Sophomore year did suck, both because I was shifting social groups without the open social attitude of freshman year, and because calsses suddenly got more serious while I tried to figure out what to take and what to do. But by Junior year, I had friends, I had figured out who I was and where I fit on campus, and I had two years of nothing but the greatest times of my life. Columbia is the best place on earth, if you can learn not to take yourself or the school too seriously. Never take cliches at face value.

    1. Thanks alum... says:

      @Thanks alum... “Never take cliches at face value.”

      CC ’08

  • aaaw says:

    @aaaw Baby Columbians,
    Don’t believe all the bullies!
    Of course, many are jaded and currently cranky because of finals, but columbia is an wonderful place and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous in fact I created the group months ago because I had already been accepted ED last december and deferred.

  • ttan says:

    @ttan Dear incoming first-years,

    For all your inquisitive eyes:

  • ahhhhhhh says:

    @ahhhhhhh the freshest-freshmen: they’re growing in numbers… their group’s doubled since 9:30, like a virus … i’m no premed, but i predict that this virus will grow about 60-fold in the next couple of months … don’t ask me how i know this

    seriously, 2012 welcome… and do us all a favor and work on that tolerance a bit 2nd semester, won’t you?

  • SEAS '12 says:

    @SEAS '12 wait i got accepted “early early”…so does this mean when i’m an upper classman at Columbia i’ll be sitting in my dorm on some bwog poking fun at 17 yr olds?


    1. yep says:

      @yep you pretty much hit the nail right on the head

    2. an auspicious says:

      @an auspicious beginning. you are on your way to having the requisite snark of a columbian.


  • Hey Bwog says:

    @Hey Bwog Vikram Pandit, Columbia undergrad and grad school alum and current Trustee, was just appointed CEO of Citigroup. Is naiice.

    1. dude says:

      @dude absolutely unrelated. AND, way to ruin the wait to see how long before bwog or spec would realize…

  • The Post Was says:

    @The Post Was It was something about a guy wanting to engage in sexual intercourse with 2012ers come 2008 NSOP.

  • Santa says:

    @Santa I can’t believe the 2012ers were so quick to make a Facebook group!

    So does it boil down to
    a) Receive email
    b) Read it, click the link and yell out in excitement
    c) Tell friends, mom and dad, and family
    d) Tells kids next day at school
    e) Create Facebook group INSTANTLY and wait eagerly to join the Columbia network?

    Why does something tell me I’ve misplaced “e)” in the order?

  • Recontextualized says:

    @Recontextualized After that comment was deleted, I enjoy the new dynamic between comment 23 and 24.

    1. what was says:

      @what was the original post? i missed it. maybe if you paraphrase it, bwog might not find so offensive (or whatever their reason was) and it might not disappear so soon.

  • first year says:

    @first year Freshman year, especially the first semester, was terrific.

  • actually says:

    @actually come to think about it, i feel kind of an asshole for publishing her name on the internet. bwog should take my posts down.

  • fuck it man says:

    @fuck it man Harvard announcing the whole finaid thing pisses over everyone.

  • well says:

    @well Freshman year was a wonderful mix everything you thought college would be: weed! alcohol! woah, I have a girlfriend! sex! all of the above at once!

    Once you hit Sophomore year (or for the lucky, second semester Freshman year), college actually begins, and everything just kind of sucks.

    1. i think says:

      @i think i might know you. and if so, i hate you.

      1. Hatred says:

        @Hatred Why the hate? Nowadays, I barely spend enough time on campus to be known, let alone hated.

        1. I know who you are says:

          @I know who you are Mark Modessitt. That’s who you are. Secret identity revealed!

          1. hahahahah says:

            @hahahahah major props for the modesitt crack.

          2. tehe says:

            @tehe lolModesitt

  • lolCore says:

    @lolCore I has nevr been so miserable since i wrote dis LitHum papr

    1. critic says:

      @critic what a poor attempt at the “our favorite comments” section.

  • why says:

    @why does each year’s class get more and more obnoxious?

  • meh says:

    @meh i was fucking miserable my freshman year, but it got better after that.

  • oh my says:

    @oh my poor little things. mere babes unknowingly casting their souls into a deep, $200k abyss.

    note: 12ers, don’t read bwog comments during finals week.

  • wirc says:

    @wirc Just remember kids, you’ll be the inaugural class of the Manhattanville Campus.

  • ED 2012 says:

    @ED 2012 The class of 2012 has Erectile Dysfunction.

    1. dysfunction says:

      @dysfunction That’s right. ED 2012! Viva Viagra!

  • ED09 says:

    @ED09 They did the same thing back in ’09. The nice thing was that I didn’t even have to open the e-mail because GMail shows the first few words

  • OMG says:

    @OMG werner herzog’s son!!!

    1. 2011 says:

      @2011 awesome find.

  • roflcopter says:

    @roflcopter points and laughs.
    look at the little pre-frosh already posting on bwog.

  • CC 2012 says:

    @CC 2012 Actually, Early Decision notices were posted online as of 5pm today.

    1. welcome says:

      @welcome now shut up and come back when we’re gone


      1. well says:

        @well how about we just laugh at them. they have no idea the shitshow they’re walking into. better enjoy that first year in Carman, because sophomore McBain, junior Wien, and the worst days of your life likely await you in this awful, awful web of Ivy that is vaguely reminiscent of Harry Potter-style devil’s snare. I should’ve gone to Rutgers.

        1. wow says:

          @wow I couldn’t have said it better myself.

        2. !!! says:

          @!!! exactly. i would say 99% of my enjoyment of the columbia community came freshman year. it’s not just downhill after that, it’s plunging into a black hole of depression, isolation, and ostracization.

          1. agreed says:

            @agreed Couldn’t agree with you more.

        3. harry p says:

          @harry p i see on their facebook wall that a “clara potter” is a recent addition to the columbia family. That’s cool. I like to think we are recruiting from hogwarts.

          maybe she can go on hunger strike until there is a wizadry department with student voices in the faculty hiring process.

          i bet she gets this joke a lot and hates harry potter with a vengeance.

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