Sent from Lerner two hours ago, from Bwog correspondent Alex Weinberg:

dell optiplex

I was sitting in a Lerner computer lab when a slightly-past-middle-aged lady with thick reading glasses came in and stood in a corner pensively for several minutes. She approached my terminal.

Lady: Are you going to be using this computer for a while?

Me: I don’t know, I think so.

Lady: Oh, it’s just because this one is my favorite.

Me: These computers are all the same.

Lady: Mmmmm, no… I like this one the best. (said as if I should have known better) Me: (looks around the room at the completely identical and unoccupied Dell Optiplexes)

Lady: So are you going to get up?

Me: No.

She then stood over me awkwardly and passively for the next few minutes, watching what I was doing on the computer. I stopped reading web comics and opened up Microsoft Word to begin typing a fake paper because I felt intimidated in that “I just handed in a library book way past its due date” way.