In spite of this busy time of year, Bwog did manage to get away for a few moments and witness Chowdah and Sweeps’ self-proclaimed “Very Special Holiday Special” in Furnald Lounge tonight. Sweeps performed a domino chain of improv skits complete with reference to broken families, broken chia pets, peanut butter blasphemy, and linear references that would have put The Geometer in fits. Hilarity also ensued in Chowdah’s performance, which joyously embraced the arrival of Comikkah season. While the show included an array of candy-addict rabbits, Bad News Bears and partial nudity, in the end the troop proved that no holiday sketch is complete without the arrival of Charlton Heston in his magic sleigh — quite possibly in the likeness of Moses from The Ten Commandments.

And you thought everyone at Columbia was Jewish!

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 [Meanwhile, Bwog apologizes for any fuzziness in these photographs — as it turns out, our flash is broken, but we are welcome to replacements.]