Today, Jake Shapiro, son of J-School professor Michael Shapiro and New York Times foreign editor Susan Chira, became a man. Bwog found Jake playing air hockey on the fifth floor of Lerner. Jake, a student at School at Columbia, had arrived minutes earlier from his Torah reading, for which he explained he was “troubled by disturbing suspense.” 

Easily defeating his opponent from a second game of air hockey, Jake stepped away from the table and reported that he was having a lot of fun. Though he “didn’t have a favorite present” and says he hasn’t opened them all yet, he spoke excitedly about the Mac (with Leopard!) his parents had given him for his 13th birthday.

It was four years ago that Jake’s sister, Eliza, a 17-year-old who hopes to go to Columbia (welcome to CC ’12, Eliza!), also held her Bat Mitzvah reception in Lerner. Jake isn’t sure whether or not he plans on applying here, but hopes to become a scientist. “Well, a scientists who teaches,” he clarified.

Jake’s ten-year-old cousin, Luke, son of Columbia Shakespeare professor James Shapiro, was also in attendance. Luke looked positively dapper in a red power-tie and crisp white oxford. Though Luke played basketball for the entirety of the interview, he categorized the foosball table as his “favorite game here.”

Luke, ever a gentleman and a scholar, diplomatically explained that he didn’t have a favorite Shakespeare play, but he’s “seen a lot of plays and likes them all.”

Suddenly, a man came bounding down the Lerner ramps. “Hi, Jake?” he asked, joining the conversation with a furrowed brow. “Hi, Dad!” Jake replied, cheerily.

Journalism professor Michael Shapiro introduced himself to a sheepish Bwog. He eyed Bwog’s reporter’s notebook and digital camera. Jake scurried to greet guests, Luke returned to his electronic indoor basketball.