And People Say Print is Dead

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Book Culture (or “Labyrinth” for the stubborn) has joined The Internets in the form of a new-ish blog, aptly titled Book Culture. The blog features genuinely informative posts about upcoming readings in the area, Q&As with visiting authors and tips for purchasing textbooks—though one disgruntled student explained that the best tip on buying coursebooks from Book Culture is not buying coursebooks from Book Culture. Photos of empty shelves, the storefront’s Gothic exterior, and their new sign constitute a fair number of posts too, but of course a blog wouldn’t be a blog without some geeky self-indulgence.

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  1. Why are  

    Book Culture employees so vain and conceited?

    They only care about them shelves!

  2. C'mon  

    Bwog, your links to archived entries are dead. Fix that.

  3. also

    Links never seem to work when clicking directly from the RSS feed.

  4. actually...

    it's not their store's Gothic exterior that's in that picture; like it says on the page, that photo was taken on 110th Street, not at their store. Besides, as I recall, their store exterior is a pretty boring 60s or 70s sand-colored stone thing.

    • The King of Spain  

      Haha, you wish it was built in the 1960s. That precast concrete masturbation shack was put up when they moved the Public Library branch into Broadway Hall... in 2002.

  5. hmm

    what do the birds in their logo have to do with bookculture? it looks like they got lazy and just used clip art.

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