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movieIt’s moment you’ve all been waiting for [insert bombastic drum roll] because this spring all of you baby-blue donning lions and lionesses will be able swipe your parents’ money away in a smorgasbord of local vendors.  Because The Powers That Be want to test run the program before they expand to “any/all interested vendors” in Morningside, they asked we the people to vote for the places that we visited most.  And because all of the award shows are  being canceled, Bwog will be giving out the 1st Annual Roaree Awards to the vendors winners of the survey.  Results after the jump.

The 1st Annual Roaree Awards for Morningside Heights Vendors

The Roaree for Groceries and Markets

The Winner:  Westside Market where Columbians voted overwhelmingly for star fruit and paninis, crushing the more convenient MoWi, the Italian specialty store Milano Market and other bodegas.

The Roaree for Rapid Eating Establishments

The Winner: HamDel.  Barely edging out Chipotle, Starbucks and Nussbaum, it seems to be the favorite 24-hour eatery.  Sorry Spicy Special lovers, the 109 St Deli pulled up 18th out of the 20 places polled.

 The Roaree for Less Rapid Eating Establishments

The Winner: Deluxe.  The one word restaurants pulled most of the top spots (Ollie’s, Swish, Tom’s), but the adjective stole the show. 

 The Roaree for Everywhere Else

The Winner: Duane Reade.  Everyone’s favorite, convenient pharmaceutical store earned over 85% of votes and crushed the more specialized Kim’s and Book Culture.  This just in: CU Bookstore voted 7000 times.



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  1. Anonymous

    These are all terrible decisions.

  2. This is

    great for Mcbain kids!

  3. how  

    did m2m not get picked. what the holy fuck.



    in retrospect, my excitement was slightly over the top. They keep messing up my egg sandwiches.

  5. but but  

    how can it come soon to a theatre near me when there are no theatres near me?

  6. coogan  




  7. question  

    so, um, does this mean you can buy beer on your cuid?

    • Probably

      Unless Columbia is one step ahead and has your birthdate coded onto your ID, so when they swipe it tells them how old you are. Which wouldn't surprise me, just for their own legal protection

      • fat chance  

        do you really think they'd neglect to put a no alcohol or tobacco clause in their vendor agreements?

      • you really think

        columbia admin is both smart enough to have thought of that AND determined/focused/organized enough to adequately develop such a system AND train vendors on using the cuid as an age verification system?

        Also, how would the vendors feel about an ID system that's non-government ID? W/ the dept of no-fun security waging the war on fun, there's no way ham del would take your cuid as a proof of 21. why not just use the same liabilty protection rationale that visa uses if a minor buys beer on a credit card?

        • And

          what liability protection rationale would that be?

        • well

          Columbia vendors don't really seem to care either way about age verification generally.

          That said I'm sure Columbia doesn't want to enable underage students to purchase alcohol with their unknowing parents money...I wonder if the process by which you add flex will change(ie whoever pays the tuition bill has to approve the payment before, not after, the money is added). I can see there being some parents upset by the idea that their child could use their money, without them knowing, to purchase things like the morning after pill.

  8. yessss

    These are all excellent results.

  9. but

    does this mean flex-only? what about those of us with only dining dollars? :\

  10. once  

    I tried to flex off-campus. I merely was made fun of for my lack of muscular definition.

  11. beh

    i just got back from pinnacle. the price on every item has gone up anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar.

    this sucks.

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