The Twilight Zone: Old-Timey Photos of Morningside

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For many of us, it’s difficult to even imagine a Morningside Heights without Pinkberry and West Side Market—not that we would ever want to. What would such a haunting reality even look like? Bwog Webmaster Zach van Schouwen stumbled upon a collection of historical photographs of the neighborhood that will give you a good idea. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.


(Above photo is of the 110th St. El train.)

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  1. alexw

    I would hunger strike to force Columbia to rebuild the baseball diamond that used to be South Lawn.

  2. c 09

    It's pretty easy to remember Morningside without Pinkberry or West Side, after all, it was only last year.

    • cc '07

      new West Side is only from this year.

      but i remember an old west side with oddly sticky floors cramped aisles and cheap produce. amen i say to you, this land was full of plenty and here no one went hungry.

  3. Your oxen drowned!

    Wow. Check out Manhattanville.

  4. Not Will Ferrell

    Now that's old school.

  5. EAL  

    Haha, this all pales in comparison with the plans for the proposed Riverside Park football stadium, aka one of the biggest blown opportunity in Columbia's history, besides acquiring more land at the turn of the century and the failure to build a proper gym facility.

    Check it out on http://www.wikicu.com/History_of_the_Morningside_Heights_campus#The_Riverside_Park_Stadium

    • except

      people would still not go to the football games because no one gives a fuck about ivy league football.

      when you don't play and bowl games, and not even in the division i-aa playoff tournament, football boils down to a dick measuring contest between ivy league schools.

    • wirc  

      Columbia's history is littered with blown opportunities, and worse decisions.

    • The King of Spain  

      Oh but can you imagine the fun to be had once Robert Moses tries to plow a highway through that?

    • Alum

      It's easy to conclude from these old renderings that Columbia blew a lot of opportunities, but the fact is that the university was strapped for cash (building an entirely new campus tends to do that) and could not have afforded to build many of these structures or even to buy more land. Heck, it could barely have afforded what it *did* buy/build.

  6. by the way  

    are these images copyrighted? Does anyone know the source?

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