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cafe amritaIt appears that Morningside Heights coffeeshops took winter break as an opportunity to shake things up. 

In the case of Saurin Park Café, a coffee and sandwich shop with free wireless located on the corner of 110th and Frederick Douglass Blvd, the cafe’s ownership has changed.  It’s now called Cafe Amrita and is owned by “some Chinese man” according to the cashier.  The new owner is considering small alterations to the menu and prices (read: it will get more expensive) but otherwise the cafe is virtually untouched.  The same grad students and Morningside moms are there, and the easy-listening music is still just a little too loud.  Hungarian Pastry Shop update after the jump.

The Hungarian Pastry Shop is currently under construction–half of the store is blocked off as workers build a new kitchen.  This should all be over by Monday but, in the meantime, you can still sit in the front half of the store and drink coffee in paper cups.

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  1. alexw

    Strokos has recently renovated, and their pizza zone (P'zone) is currently under construction and therefore closed.

    I am slowly wasting away (Jeff Julian syndrome).

  2. frederick  

    douglass is in morningside?

  3. seth

    note on hungarian

    don't take it for granted: since graduating i haven't found anything in the city dark enough for proper studying, moody enough for a good think, and where you can be calmingly neglected while given access to infinite amounts of coffee

  4. huh?

    You need darkness in order to do proper studying?

  5. Rick James  

    Darkness Brothers!

  6. wifi friends  

    saurin park took away the free wifi, apparently, as i found out after i schlepped all my crap down there and ordered a seven dollar sandwich. also there are NO MORE OUTLETS IN THE PLACE. boo.

  7. what is the  

    name of the espresso bar at the UN?

    Coffee Anon!

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