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bathEarlier this evening, and sporadically throughout the day, the East Campus elevators–yes, those shiny new transport cells–stood frozen in place for hours on end, forcing residents moving in to shlep their stuff up dozens of flights of stairs. According to the security guard on duty, a big moving bin had slammed into one of the doors, knocking it out of commission during one of the busiest times of the year. Bwog surmises that it may also have to do with the elongated time the new doors take to close–those waiting may well have kicked them a little too hard (which used to do the trick with the old ones!). 

Unrelatedly, at about 10:20 p.m., Bwog also noticed a very excited security guard shouting into an intercom near the Broadway gates: “We beat Green Bay! In overtime! Overtime! The Giants are going to the Super Bowl!” Having had multiple conversations with other security guards in recent days about the game, and considering the number of Patriot partisans on this campus, it appears we may be in for an exciting Bowl day.




  1. the patriots  

    are gonna crush.

  2. maaan

    fuck eli, he a bitch. and fuck brady too. fuck both those teams. there is not way i can enjoy this super bowl. in fact, i couldn't enjoy with the packers either cause im a bears fan. i guess i'll have to root for the giants because i dont want the pats to win a super bowl? oh man this sucks. rooting for the giants? the only good option is clearly a terrorist attack on phoenix and a default game between the packers and chargers in which the chargers win.

  3. not a

    THE super bowl. they've already won too many damn games! challengin my 85 team for all time supremacy. only a loss now can save my city's legacy.

  4. what football team  

    could help students decide what items they need to bring back to school after the break?

    The Green Bay Packers!

  5. Okay

    Forgetting all the corny jokes (which are actually not bad this time around), that picture of the winding staircase is awesome. What's it from/where was it taken?

  6. rooting for

    the patriots is like rooting for the yanks

    arrogant management, obnoxious fan base, steroid using/abusing stars, pretty boy captains and fans who'll excuse cheating in the pats case

    • alexw

      Sorry your shitty team lost.

      • thanks

        for proving my point w/regards to the pats stereotype..good job addressing any of the points i made in the comparison

        and are you so blind that you're ripping on guido yanks fans for gay bashing while southies would kill any person of color on sight?

        but..but...deval patrick

    • Not Quite  

      I find Patriot fans akin to Yankee fans in NOT being obnoxious. Red Sox fans, now they are just huge assholes. I have no idea how the same person can be a fun Pats can one season and a total prick who's goal is simply to see another team (the Yanks) lose.

      Anyway, as a huge Giants fan I still have a lot of respect for the Pats, they are just awesome at football. I hope the Giants win, but I'm not holding my breath.

  7. be happy  

    that none of you are raiders fans. we will never see a super bowl for like 100 years. al davis is 1.27*10^21 years old. why can't he die?

  8. mr. proofreader  

    "elongated time"? no, this is wrong.


    "elongated" refers to spatial length, not temporal length. kthnx

  9. prey  

    ahmadinehawk is back. outside john jay now.

  10. WHAT?  

    WHERE is the promised new McBain ELEVATOR???? they LIE!

  11. eff the pats

    but let's keep our priorities straight here.

    Giants- owned by John Mara (Boston College) and John Tisch (Tufts)

    Patriots- owned by Robert Kraft (Columbia)

    this is going to be tough.

  12. also

    in case anyone else has been following the ivy league financial aid arms race, Penn just anted up on us http://media.www.dailypennsylvanian.com/media/storage/paper882/news/2007/12/11/News/Online.Update.Penn.Announces.New.Financial.Aid.Policy-3144541.shtml

    Columbia is still stuck at eliminating loans for students from families earning less than 50k

  13. cont.

    practically speaking, the timing of the announcement is irrelevant. applications for the class of 2013 are already in. We have until April to decide whether to match, because that's when we send out acceptances and financial aid packages to prospective students, and start crunching packages for returning students.

    so how about it big blue, show us the money.

  14. coogan  

    RIP lydia depillis. off to africa.

    the dark continent has taken our best and brightest.

    Address all appropriate post for Lydia as follows:

    Lydia DePillis
    c/o John Legend
    122 Mandela Hall
    Capetown, South Africa

  15. BWOG!!!  

    No word on the Columbia Prof that was found with bombs in his Brooklyn home??


    No better way to start off the new semester than with some more bad press!

  16. you're an idiot  

    there weren't bombs in his home. there were bombs in one of many buildings that he co-owned.
    dont pretend to know the news if youre just reading the headlines incorrectly.

    • hmm  

      Actually, you seem to be the one with the reading comprehension problem. From that link:

      Police were also looking to question Clatts, 50, the Columbia University instructor living with Ivanov, a source told The News.

      Alan Brasunas, a co-op board member at the 58 Remsen St. brownstone, confirmed Clatts owned the apartment and lived there with Ivanov.

      "One has to assume Michael must have seen something at one point," Brasunas said. "It's not a huge apartment."

    • wtf  

      Wtf are you talking about? The bombs were found in his unit, meaning the apartment that he lived in. I read the whole article, asshole.

      Even if the article itself is inaccurate, don't accuse me of just reading headlines you fucking douchebag

  17. The Tallest Man  

    I prefer basketball.

  18. bwog

    on a lighter note:

    Vampire Weekend at Coachella!!!

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