Overheard at Tasti D-Lite

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The scene: Tasti D-Lite in Lerner. Yesterday, mid-afternoon. 

Girl 1: So in my class, this guy was like laughing when the professor was talking about like, women and misogyny.

Girl 2: That’s so ridiculous.

Girl 1: And then he tried to flirt with me after class and I was like, “I’m not going to flirt with you after you like laughed about women.”

Girl 2: (nods approvingly)

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  1. misogyny...

    it's laughable!

  2. amazing  

    awesome post bwog

  3. overheard once...

    "And, like what's all this talk about, like, women's suffrage? Haven't we, like, suffered enough?"

  4. conclusion  

    TDL is a highly dangerous neurotoxin.

  5. Anonymous  

    wow. is this supposed to actually be humorous? or has bwog reached an all time low in trying to surpass overheardinnewyork.com?

  6. coogan  

    after handling their own finances to go to Pinkberry, suddenly women want the right to vote.

  7. shut

    up bitch and get in the kitchen

  8. expert says  

    if that what girls talk about at Tasty D, just imagine the intellectual exchanges taking place at Pinkberry.

  9. ahem  

    for the past decade or so, a certain columbia fraternity's pledges need to get 50 women from CU/BC to sign a petition to end women's suffrage... they have never failed.

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