Yet Another Opportunity for that Elusive iTunes Gift Certificate

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In an attempt not to be outshone by the European Commission’s plan to make the Earth a greener place, Housing Services (in conjunction with the Office of Environmental Stewardship, Facilities, and RecycleBank), announced today in the form of an email an “innovative new program…that rewards you for recycling while helping to improve our campus-wide recycling efforts.”

In an email simply abloom with exclamation points, Housing Services explained that all CU first-years will receive a “barcoded key fob,” which in this context is not a racial slur but a reusable recycling bag from John Jay Dining Hall. Who knew?

After activating their account from a website, one would presumably place their recyclables (which materials are recyclable within the program weren’t specified in the email) in his/her bag, take it to a designated area in the Furnald laundry room; the 1st floor of John Jay and Wallach; or the 4th, 8th, and 11th floors of Carman, and then recycle to his/her (green) heart’s content. Each bag will be weighed, and this weight will allow the student to accumulate points that can be redeemed for Chipotle gift cards (!) and of course the obligatory iTunes gift certificate, among other things.

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  1. brt  

    Great! Now I can "recycle" all those unwanted bricks in my room.

  2. So...

    Who's gonna grab the untouched stacks of Village Voice and stick 'em in?

  3. Umm...  

    Why only first years?

  4. Feh

    Thankfully I'm not a first year. I think I lost around $60 in Dining Dollars in the great student ID switch of 2007. Magnetized plastic cards of any kind are clearly not the solution to hunger or global warming on this campus.

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