CCSC: A sleeping giant awakens

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As the New Year is still dawning, the Council is coming back with a renewed vigor that only 31 blissful days can create.  No new resolutions, however, events and notices abound.

To the dismay of many a late-night glutton, the University’s survey on JJ’s Place determined that it would not be financially viable to expand the establishment’s hours on weekends or weekdays.

In partnership with EcoReps and the Office of Environmental Stewardship, CCSC is sponsoring a school-wide Go Green Initiative where dorms compete in the months of February, March and April to see who can decrease their per capita energy consumption the most.  Prizes have not been officially announced, but Bwog has reason to believe that each winner will be given a brand new 2008 Ford F-150.

In the same vein, you can now recycle books, light bulbs and batteries in Lerner by Café East.  At this point the books are going to schools in Africa at the request of Bono.

And while saving the environment is fine and dandy, the real news of the day is that the Council has finally received personalized light blue T-Shirts (sported above by CCSC’s Next Top Model contestants Exec Board) ending a long, systematic injustice.  Part of the never ending fight against the negative atmosphere on campus in light of recent hate crimes (remember those? Or these?), you can also expect free cupcakes and cookies on February 4 and a commemoration of the 1968 protests in April. 



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  1. alexw

    Prior to all these ads for the John Legend thing at Earth Institute, I thought that he was just a character invented to sell Bailey's Irish Cream.

  2. alexw

    Upon Googling, I have discovered that he was born "John Stephens."

    Stevie Wonder was also born "Stephen Johns."

  3. hmmm  

    id def bone girl on far right

  4. heyy  

    i drive an f-150. as she is white, i like to call her "the ghost." other than that whole carbon footprint thing.

  5. ...

    F150? what about a hummer?

  6. ccsc  

    t-shirts? contests? cupcakes? ccsc is different from my lame high school student council... how?

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