Keepin it Real Estate: Part One

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Come summer, 113th street residents are going to have a new neighbor: Delta Sigma Phi. The fraternity was recently awarded an open brownstone, a step up from their current EC digs where space was reportedly tight. “Ultimately, we believed our chapter needed a centralized place to meet if our activities were to remain unhindered, and with the acquisition of a brownstone, we know this can be achieved,” said Josh Milstein (yes, Milstein), CC ’10 and DSP’s president.

But sources within Columbia’s Greek netherworld speculate that the acquisition of said brownstone was not without strife or scandal. Apparently, Alpha Chi Omega (also currently housed in EC) was first in line to move into the 113th st. location. But the fates (or the reportedly unpopular Victoria Lopez-Herrera, Assistant Director of Greek Life and Leadership Development) intervened and the gods of real estate smiled upon DSP instead. It also probably doesn’t hurt that Columbia’s Inter-Greek Council’s President and Chair of Judicial Affairs are both DeltaSigs. Just sayin’.


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  1. M-ville  

    It looks like Columbia just got a whole boatload of money for Manhattanville. Yay Columbia!

  2. i don't

    think victoria is that unpopular. i think she rightly realizes that the universities attacks on greeks makes her job more and more tenuous.

    at least fiji didn't get the house.

  3. cc greek  

    Definitely didn't hurt that Matt "The Voice" Heimann is present of Delta Sig. Still, it's better that a fraternity got the house than a sorority because it shows the university isn't too concerned with possible parties. Although whether Delta Sig throws parties or not is something I don't know.

  4. that photo  

    looks like it came from a lesbian fraternity at barnard.

  5. Hmmm...

    If nobody minds her then I must wonder why hundreds of students at an October mixer chanted "Victoria's a bitch!" at the top of their lungs.

    If you don't think Victoria is that unpopular then clearly you've never been a member of a Greek organization who has had to work with her in the past. I suppose she's well-intentioned, but she's pretty strict.

  6. The above was

    in response to #2 by the way, sorry.

  7. Bluntly put  

    she's martinet tool of the admins in their war on fun

  8. Columbia  

    is all about money. This had nothing to do with merits of the application. Victoria had no part in this decision -- all the blame should go on our corrupt administration.

  9. level headed  

    JNW, i hope you realize you are making grand insinuations without any real story or evidence to back them up. bwog must learn that even as a blog they should be held to some standard of journalistic integrity.

  10. seas  

    as an engineer, DSP is possibly the only fraternity I could support. Some of you will get why.

  11. Anonymous  

    can someone tell me a little about Delta Sig..im not really familiar with them

  12. question  

    What did Armin Rosen say? Was it inappropriate?

    • Armin Rosen  

      I linked to a post on the Spectator opinon blog in which I predicted that AXO wouldn't get the house. Bwog frowns on people using the comment boards to promote their own websites, and I suspect my comment was deleted for that reason. I didn't post anything inappropriate.

  13. go AXO  

    AXO totally deserved that house. they've got more philanthropy hours this past semester than delta sig has over many many yearsss... and more student leaders. when was the last time a delta sig was involved in anythign importnat?

  14. just a man  

    i thought that sororities couldn't have housing? something about brothels and old laws?

  15. alexw

    Fuck all these idiots. Give me a house.

  16. she deserved it  

    As a member of a Greek organization totally unrelated to either AXO or Delta Sig, I can tell you that Victoria is wildly unpopular in the Greek Community. Karu (her predecessor) was 1,000 times better at his job.

  17. disgruntled RA

    the only reason victoria lopez-herrara got hired is because she's best buds with local toolbox/monkey scott helfrich

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